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Protection for Your Business and Your Peace of Mind

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are getting increasingly complex and malicious. Protect your business with more than 12 Tbps of DDoS mitigation, one of the largest dedicated data scrubbing networks in the world. Cox Business DDoS Mitigation Service helps you maintain your online presence, reduce the threat of theft, and protect your bottom line.


Dedicated DDoS Monitoring and Scrubbing Center 


Experience with Countless DDoS Mitigations 


Proactive 24/7 Monitoring

DDoS Mitigation Features

DDoS attacks are evolving. It’s not a question whether an attack will occur, but when. It’s crucial to have a partner who can protect you from the new and dangerous ways attackers can undermine your site. Your business needs the expertise of professional DDoS mitigation service.

Multi-Vector Attack Support

Attacks are becoming more aggressive and complex. Hackers use a wide variety of attacks and have ever-evolving ways to avoid detection. Stay informed of the threats against your business with a dedicated point of contact from Cox Business.

Proactive Monitoring

Your networks are constantly at risk of attack. That’s why our Managed Router service includes proactive monitoring where we carefully watch your network 24/7/365 and respond quickly to any threats. We’ll also scan network resources, assess security risks, and recommend safety measures. Plus, we keep a network activity log, so you’ll always have an updated view of potential risks.

Types of DDoS Mitigation Services


Mitigate to a Single IP Address 

No matter how many servers you’re operating, we’ll mitigate the source of an attack down to a single IP address, providing better protection than DNS-only redirection services.

No CPE Configuration or Operational Impacts

Cox Business has the experience to plan and execute the comprehensive DDoS protection your business needs. When an attack occurs, we’ll alert you immediately.  With comprehensive details, we’ll keep you informed, allowing you to get back to running your business.

BGP Direct

Cloud Service Through BGP Redirection

If your infrastructure is more complex, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Redirect can be a smart way to channel traffic through the DDoS Mitigation Service cloud.

  • We’ll only scrub inbound traffic. Outbound traffic will return to the internet via a normal routing decision.
  • For affected /24 prefixes, you’ll withdraw BGP announcements from your routers.
  • From the DDoS Mitigation Service network, our Security Operations Center will initiate BGP announcements for the affected prefixes.

A Quick, Seamless Mitigation Process

Our seamless mitigation process ensures attacks are blocked quickly and effectively.

  • Within minutes, our DDoS Mitigation Service will start absorbing the attack.
  • Security Operations will oversee mitigation for you allowing you to rest assured.
  • Our network will send clean traffic to your infrastructure using GRE tunnels.

DDoS Mitigation FAQs

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks are deployed by cyber criminals attempting to control your network. The attacks are tasked with overwhelming websites and your online services with traffic, interrupting your network and making it unavailable to users. Without the right security measures in place, your network is vulnerable to DDoS attacks, which can lead to costly downtime, data loss and even extortion.

Cox DDoS mitigation works by providing a solution that quickly detects and mitigates DDoS attacks.  DDoS mitigation uses an advanced cloud-based platform to monitor inbound traffic.  Once a DDoS attack is detected, traffic is diverted to our cloud-based scrubbing center. Malicious traffic is blocked, and clean traffic is passed to your network.

Cox Business offers a complex DDoS Mitigation solution capable of protecting your network from complex attack vectors. Contact one of our sales representatives to schedule a consultation today.

DDoS attacks can be difficult to diagnose since symptoms often resemble common computer issues. Common signs include a slow Internet connection, difficulty accessing files, inability to access certain websites, excessive pop-up ads or spam emails.

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