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Business Internet Backup

Keep Your Business Running When Unexpected Outages Occur

Maintain reliable connectivity with Net Assurance, our business internet backup service — included with select plans. Ø

Protect productivity with a cellular internet backup plan

When an internet outage occurs, Net Assurance automatically re-routes your connectivity to an LTE cellular network so you can continue
running business-critical tasks, like accepting payments or transferring critical documents.

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Stay Connected

A surge-protected backup battery powers your cable modem, LTE router and/or gateway to provide up to four hours of internet connectivity. ø 

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Automatic Failover

Backup internet connects online automatically with proactive and real-time outage updates

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Easy Self-Install

Quick setup with our easy self-install kit, available for our two-hour battery.​

Business Internet backup

Explore our business internet plans with backup service

Unexpected service interruption can mean loss of productivity and revenue, but our Net Assurance internet continuity backup
service enables you to stay focused on your business.

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Business Internet Backup Resources

Internet Backup FAQs

Backup Internet for business is a safeguard against service interruptions. In the event that your business loses internet access, backup internet, such as our Net Assurance product, is available to keep so you stay connected.​

If your business loses internet service, Net Assurance, our backup internet solution, automatically connects to an LTE internet provider.​

LTE is a term used to describe the technology that allows devices, like cell phones, tablets and more, to connect to the internet.​

Internet failover is a standby internet solution that automatically turns on if your primary internet system fails.

Yes. If a Cox Business customer with a gateway and existing service loses internet access, their internet connection automatically switches to the LTE wireless network, with the exception of guest networks (which are disabled during backup service).​

Cox offers LTE backup for a low monthly fee. With LTE failover, keep your business operating in the event of unexpected network and power outages without paying for usage or purchasing expensive equipment. Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to ask about pricing in your area.

In the case your Internet is interrupted by a power outage, LTE backup automatically connects you to an LTE Internet provider in your area.

In the event of failover to LTE, the static IP address is not used. A dynamic IP address is used from the LTE network. The static IP will not be available until Cox Business Internet is restored.​

When you’re on LTE backup, you’ll be connected to the internet via an LTE network. Your speed will be limited to a maximum of 10/2 Mbps. Guest WiFi will be disabled automatically and devices with statically assigned IP addresses will not route over the LTE network — for example, devices with statically assigned IP addresses will not be accessible over the LTE network.​

No, you will not be charged for LTE wireless usage while on business internet backup. However, if your usage is high, Cox Business may reach out to offer feedback and help troubleshoot if need be.​

On business internet backup, you’ll experience between 1/0.5 Mbps and 10/2 Mbps. While nothing replaces the speed or reliability of your primary internet connection, business internet backup is intended to give your company enough connectivity to keep you operational during downtime, protecting your productivity and your ability to deliver for customers.​

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