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Innovation and Connectivity

The ability to securely link locations, public services and emergency response teams is critically important — and becoming more crucial every day. Cox Business offers innovative solutions designed to provide network diversity, operational continuity and the security government organizations require. In fact, Cox Business solutions are present on nearly every military base throughout the U.S. So whether you have a single communications need, or want to rebuild an entire network, we’ll help strengthen your government agency with solutions that can grow with your ever-changing needs.

Security and Compliance

Local and national governments require highly-secure communications. This is particularly true for military bases and national security agencies. Cox Business supports your regulatory compliance needs with our MEF-certified Metro Ethernet solutions. And we stand behind our networks with stringent security safeguards and 24/7 monitoring. 

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The State of Legacy Systems

Reliable connections have become ever more critical for emergency responders and for the many facilities that require "always-on" service. Yet legacy infrastructure and old phone lines are creaking under the weight of growing information exchanges. Simply put, this technology can't keep up with the increasingly complex voice and data needs of today's government. Our Hosted Voice System offer a scalable phone product that can reliably and securely handle heavy incoming and outgoing call volumes — and can grow as your needs grow. Our SIP and PRI Trunking solutions can be integrated into your current voice systems to unify locations with a flexible capacity that's always on — even during outages and disasters.

Collaboration and Decentralization

Every day, emergency responders collaborate and share essential information. As urban areas continue to grow, municipalities are expanding and require vast communication support. Cities stream their sessions, create access to government services, and utilize big data to improve planning. To support these services and to foster better collaboration with the public sector, munincipalities have substantially increased their requirements for secure, reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity. Cox Business is here to support you with solutions that meet the speed and security requirements of today's government with Cox Metro Ethernet and Cox Optical Internet

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