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Cox Edge

Cox Edge is a full stack Edge-Cloud computing and services provider with its locations at the edge of the network and last mile. This way your workloads, applications, data and content, in part or whole, can be deployed and processed closer to end-users and devices. This gives them the speed and performance required for the next wave of digital transformation experiences.

Benefits of Edge Computing with Cox Edge

Get closer to your users, end points and data with edge cloud computing services in locations that matter.

Low latency network

Low Latency Network

A low latency network processes data closer to where it is to unlock new levels of performance. This design drives innovation, boosts application performance and enhances customer experience as it improves the speed and throughput of your micro-services or applications.

Reduced cloud spent

Reduced Cloud Spend

Moving workloads to the edge helps reduces traffic and data transfers to the cloud, which helps reduce overall TCO and reduce expensive cloud bills. In addition, cloud lock-in makes it hard to move from one cloud provider to another, Cox Edge is an agnostic stack and compliment any cloud native architecture.

Data Localization

Data Localization

With edge cloud services in most metro areas, Cox Edge can help you start your cloud journey addressing data gravity concerns, application performance and any local and state data compliance and sovereignty implication.

Edge Cloud Console

Manage all your workloads from one location with our user-friendly Edge Cloud Console. Through a single pane of glass, our console supports the management of Cloud, Edge, Public and Private cloud infrastructure services.

Edge cloud console

Cox Edge

Bring your workloads closer to your users and data. Our comprehensive offering helps you harness the full power of edge computing.

Distributed Database icon

Edge Compute

Enjoy all of the scalability, efficiency, access and control benefits expected from virtual machines with the low latency network performance the edge-cloud can bring.

Edge container icon

Edge Containers

Latency-sensitive applications? Enjoy the performance and efficiency benefits of containerization from cloud computer, amplified by the ultra-low latency.

Edge CDN icon

Edge CDN

A comprehensive Edge CDN solution with caches in the last mile to solve your most pressing delivery and latency-sensitive challenges.

Bare metal server

Bare Metal Server

Instantly deploy 4-core to 20-core bare metal and GPU enabled dedicated servers across our edge locations, right there at the last mile.

Serverless Edge Computing icon

Serverless Edge Computing

Serverless edge computing solutions that enable you to build real-time distributed applications.

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

A managed Kubernetes service supports all your complex needs, anywhere – on-premises, in public clouds or at the edge. Fast, frictionless and maintenance-free.

Streams & Event Processing

Streams & Event Processing

Build stateful low-latency micro-services and real-time data pipelines with edge pub/sub queues and stream workers.

Distributed NoSQL Database

Distributed NoSQL Database

A multi-model edge database with key value store for querying, updating and modifying data and a document database with graph functionality.

Search Query & Analyze

Search Query & Analyze

Search and query data at the edge enabling real time analytics, data processing, anomaly and threat detection.

Edge Computing Solutions

Edge Cloud icon

Edge Cloud System Administrator

Deploy your software applications in an edge cloud environment (dev, pre-prod, staging and production) using automation and orchestration platforms as appropriate to the customer’s needs. We are experts in operational requirements in cloud environments (stability, monitoring and agility).

Edge Cloud Specialist

Edge Cloud Specialist

Cox Edge deploys cloud solutions into customer environments based on customer requirements, defined architecture and design. We install, set up, configure and deploy cloud solutions into production.


  • Apache CloudStack
  • OpenStack
  • Public, Edge or Regional Clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, cloud.ca, etc.)
Edge Computing Architecture

Edge Computing Architecture

Let us evaluate your business and technical requirements from customer environment, cloud architecture to solution design. We provide recommendations on infrastructure services required. Cox experts advise on cloud software versions, features and configuration. They also assess customer application and solutions recommendations in selected cloud platform(s) including:


  • Apache CloudStack
  • OpenStack
  • Public, Edge or Regional Clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, cloud.ca, etc.)

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