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People working using cloud solutions

Cloud Architecture Solutions

Maximize IT value with a customized cloud architecture designed to suit your business needs and evolving demands.

  • Quick Implementation
  • Custom Solutions
  • High Value

Backbone for Digital Transformation

A strong cloud architecture has the ability to shape how business gets done, creating opportunities to implement virtual desktops, more easily address compliance, control costs, achieve business continuity and more.

Features and Benefits of Cloud Architecture

Our solution engineers have access to the tools your business needs to build an enterprise IT and hybrid cloud environment.

Faster Implementation

Quickly move from initial assessment to rollout to achieve key milestones and meet deadlines.

Agility Assured

We ensure your solution can easily adapt to your business’ unique applications, processes and growth plans.

Max ROI, Max Value

In addition to creating customized and robust cloud solutions, we add value and help maximize ROI with our technology partnerships.

Cox Business Cloud Architecture Advantages

With our team of expert architects and the necessary hardware and software at our disposal, Cox Business is fully equipped to create a cloud architecture uniquely designed to meet your business needs.

  • Customized cloud blueprints
  • Certified cloud engineers
  • Future-proofed solutions
  • Easily scalable

Cloud Resources

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Cloud Architecture FAQs:

Cloud architecture refers to how different technology components, like networks, storage, servers and applications, are organized to provide cloud services.

The components of a cloud architecture include a front-end platform, back-end platform, cloud-based delivery model and network.

Cloud architecture has three layers: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The first layer is IaaS. This is the physical component of your infrastructure, which includes hardware. PaaS is the second layer where software is developed. SaaS is the final layer where users interact with the service.

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