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Cox Referral Agents

Refer businesses to the powerful Cox suite.

Referral Agents

As a Referral Agent, you have the ability to refer Cox Business services to potential clients. Then, Cox Business can help them find a customized solution and close the sale. In this partnership, you take on the business development role while Cox Business handles the onboarding, paperwork and customer support.

Why Refer Cox Business?

Premium Offerings

Choose a full suite of products—from communications to TV—backed by the power of the Cox network.

Upfront Commissions

Earn competitive incentives without doing tedious back-end paperwork.

Marketing Resources

Ready-to-go materials encapsulate the full product portfolio to help your referral conversations.

Convenient Tracking

Input and update your leads with a quick, intuitive portal available 24/7.


Cox Business voice services are simple to use with a powerful suite of features and tools. We're your solution for all things voice.


Cox Business offers fully customizable internet — from fiber optic speeds to property-wide WiFi —for any business needs, along with networking services backed by premium security and enterprise-class support.

Cox Business Security Solutions

Cox Business provides state-of-the-art security solutions, featuring 24/7 intrusion detection and HD video surveillance personalized for your business needs.


Our scalable TV solutions boast booming, dynamic sound, crisp HD and a full suite of programming perfect for engaging and informing customers and employees.

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