Results from the Most Recent Internet Safety Survey

Every year Cox Communications and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) survey teens and tweens to reveal the latest trends regarding their Internet use.  The survey results are a valuable tool parents, teachers and teens can use to get the most out of their Internet connection without putting themselves at risk.

Key findings from the 2014 Tween Internet Safety survey include:

  • On average, teens spend 5 hours and 38 minutes online every day

  • Nearly half of that time is spend playing online games

  • 92% are social network users

  • 74% share photos or videos of themselves, friends (58%) or family members (51%) online

Survey results show that, during the time teens spent online:

  • 1 in 4 teens have been a victim of cyberbullying

  • Over half of teens surveyed have witnessed cyberbullying (54%)

  • Appearance is the number one reason for online bullying

  • More parents are working to protect their teens online, however

  • Nearly half of teens admit to taking action to hide their online behavior from parents

For complete results of our most recent Teen and Tween Internet Safety Survey, click here. Past surveys are also available here.

In addition to our annual research about Internet safety, Cox has dedicated nearly $300 million in cash, in-kind and public service announcements to support programs that raise awareness of and help educate youth about online safety during the past 11 years.