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Additional Tools to Keep Your Family and Home Network Safe

To assist with your family’s online safety plan, Cox provides some tools to help keep your home network safer and to help you keep track of how much data you and your family are using.

Cox Security Suite

Cox Security Suite Plus Powered by McAfee® are free to Cox High Speed Internet customers. These tools help protect your computer from various threats, including viruses, spyware, and phishing. Learn how to activate and install Cox Security Suite by viewing Activate and Install Cox Security Suite Plus Powered by McAfee®.

Click here for more information on the Cox Security Suite.

Cox Security Suite Plus Powered By McAfee® provides anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, email and instant message protection and SiteAdvisor® Plus Web site rating on up to five PCs or Macs.

Data Usage Meter & Other Tools

You can monitor your family's total Internet use by checking your Data Usage Meter. The Data Usage Meter is available to all Cox High Speed Internet customers and provides an easy way to check total monthly household data usage at any time. The Data Usage Meter is updated once per day to reflect usage from the previous day. 

Monthly data usage is the amount of data, such as e-mail, images, movies, photos, videos, and other files that customers send, receive, download or upload each month. Cox measures total data usage and does not monitor specific customer activities to determine data usage. But you can use the meter as an early warning sign that someone might be accessing your Wifi connection or computer without your knowledge. For example: 

  • The meter shows the time of day when your Internet service is being used and the amount. If you have set time restrictions for your children's Internet use, you can check the meter's log and view the amount consumed during the restricted hours.
  • If your data meter shows a spike in use when no one is at home, your WiFi connection may not be password protected. Click here to learn how to password protect your WiFi connection.
  • If you notice a sharp increase in use but there hasn't been a notable change in your family's Internet use, then your computer might have a virus that allows other people to use your computer. Use the free Cox Security Suite software to perform a virus scan.Click here for more information on the Cox Security Suite.

A change in data use provides a good opportunity to chat with your kids about their online activities. With our data use calculator, you can see how much data it takes for certain Internet activities, such as watching streaming video or downloading music.  Blending the data use meter and parental control features allow you take charge of your family's Internet use.

Click here for more information about the Cox Data Usage Meter and click here for the Frequently Asked Questions.

Cox Tech Solutions

Cox also provides a service called Cox Tech Solutions, which among other things, helps customers resolve computer problems, such as viruses. Cox Tech Solutions provides premium, fee-based technical support services above and beyond what is currently covered by Cox’s standard technical support. It provides support and resolution for the following types of computer-related issues:

  • PC crashes

  • Home networking

  • Virus/spyware infections

  • Installation/configuration or questions about new applications and software

  • Attach new components to the computer

  • Operating system and software error messages

Find out more about Cox Tech Solutions