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Cox Complete Care

Would you like to install safety features, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of downloading and customizing the security software? No problem! We’re here to help.

Cox Complete Care offers a convenient, low cost services and our US-based technicians are available 24/7 (including weekends and holidays). Cox Complete Care offers remote advanced technical support, which means service is provided over the Internet and you can access a technician anytime from the comfort of home.

Your technician will walk you through the steps to initialize service, and then you’ll be able to see exactly what the technician is doing on your screen. After following along the initial set-up process, you have the opportunity to gain the know-how if or when you would like to adjust the settings.

You can also ensure your network is secure with the free Cox Security Suite Powered by McAfee®. The McAfee Security Suite will eliminate any viruses or spyware on your computer, and protect you from future infections. Click here for additional information about Cox Complete Care.