Get Started

Cox is focused on connecting our customers and communities to the things they care about most. The Get Started event series, which we launched in 2013, does just that:  brings people together and supports entrepreneurship in a way that promotes success. 

Cox Business hosts the event series, in partnership with Inc. Magazine. The events provide start-ups in these communities an opportunity to pitch their business ideas in front of a panel of national experts. The winner from each event receives a technology prize package. The panel of experts also provides valuable advice and success tips that help the entrepreneurs launch their respective businesses.

To date, Cox Business has held 12 events in nine markets and awarded more than $100,000 to local start-ups in these markets.

  • Hampton Roads (6/17)

  • Tulsa (8/19)

  • Rhode Island (9/24)

  • Las Vegas (10/1)

  • Gainesville (10/22)

  • Tucson (Q4)

Check out our Get Started OC Video