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Our Orange Coast Community

Cox has been the broadband leader in our markets over the past two decades, leading on speed, availability and customer choice. We understand the importance of serving our communities. For us, philanthropy is more than a buzzword – it’s a mission and an opportunity to use our time, talent and technology in ways that strengthen cities, businesses and future generations.

We strive to develop and support initiatives that utilize our products to enhance education through innovation and technology,  bridge the digital divide, and encourage environmental responsibility.

Our Local Giving Concerns

  • Youth and Education Key initiative: Innovation in Education
    Cox is sponsoring programs that engance the traditional classroom experience through the innovative integration of technology into the curriculum. 
  • Broadband Adoption Key initiatives: Connect2Compete, Cox Tech Centers
    Internet access is a crucial component to education. By using our technology, Cox can help build a more level playing field for all families and increst in long-term community success. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    Cox supports those organizations whose missions and goals support disadvantaged youth seeking equality, civil rights, and educational and economic opportunities for diverse populations, including race, gender and sexual orientation. 
  • Sustainability Key initiative: Cox Conserves Heroes
    At Cox, we are committed to being good stewards of the environment, and have long engaged in eco-friendly practices such as lessening our impact on the environment by managing our waste stream and conserving carbon and water. Through the Cox Conserves Heroes awards program, we honor individuals and organizations that create, preserve and enhance shared outdoor spaces in our communities.

We typically do not support endowment funds or foundations; individuals; religious or political organizations; recreational sports teams or clubs; travel; or walks/runs.

Request a Sponsorship

In addition to our corporate initiatives, Cox also develops relationships with nonprofits through Cox Charities, the philanthropic arm of Cox Communications. To learn more about funding opportunities from the foundation, click here.