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Cox Central Region Sponsorship Request

Since 2015, all Central Region markets have invited partners to submit cash and in-kind requests for events, sponsorships and donated advertising through a once-a-year online process. The process, part of a 2015 alignment effort, has been widely adopted by our boundary and community partners and simplified the decision-making process for all Cox partners engaged in events and sponsorships. The process however, locks in partnerships up to one year in advance and creates restriction when agility in budgeting or reforecasting is needed.  It also places constraints on the budget when new opportunities present themselves.  To better respond to evolving needs and in response to a changing events and sponsorship landscape, Cox will open the 2020 Sponsorship Process with a modified process and timeline.

When considering applications for support, Cox uses the following guidelines:

  • Cox's primary focus area has been and will continue to be youth and education.

  • Diversity is a core value at Cox and we strongly encourage applications from organizations that meet the needs of our community's unique and diverse population, including minorities, women and the disadvantaged.

  • Driving positive environmental change — inside our company and within the communities we serve — is one of the most important things we do.  We will consider partnerships that foster and encourage, promote and create opportunities for environmental sustainability.

  • Cox also looks for opportunities to involve our employees in community projects, combining our financial support with the time and talent of employee volunteers.

  • All opportunities that further our goal of strengthening the social, economic and educational infrastructure of our community will be considered.

  • Requests must serve the needs of the communities where Cox operates, and our employees work and live.


Cox does not support the following:

  • Individuals

  • Travel

  • Organizations that discriminate

  • Sports teams

  • Parent teacher organizations, associations, or booster clubs for individual schools

  • Endowment funds

  • Religious or political organizations

  • Courtesy services for administrative facilities

Sponsorship Review Process

In an effort to better support the evolving needs of our community and our business, Cox will now be conducting our sponsorship review process twice a year to determine our funding commitments for the calendar year.

Applications for 2021 events will be accepted in the following time frames (Multi-event requests should also be included in this application window):

  • Applications for events held January – June 2021 will be accepted September 1 – September 30, 2020

  • Applications for events held July – December 2021 will be accepted March 1 – March 31, 2021

Organizations will be notified of the status of the request 45-60 days after the closing of the application cycle in which the application was submitted.

COVID Disclaimer
-    The COVID-19 pandemic leaves so much uncertainty, and we understand that the short and long-term impacts on organizations and fundraising events due to the coronavirus is still unknown.  Our new process in intended to allow us to remain flexible in order to most effectively respond to the community’s needs and the needs of our partners as we all learn to navigate events and sponsorships together. We value our community partners and want to continue to support you in the best ways we can.

To apply click here, https://ccigiving.com/Login.


For additional information about the sponsorship review process, contact the following:

Cox Charities

Please note that funding from Cox Charities requires a separate application. Cox Charities is employee funded and supports local schools and the provision of services provided by non-profit organizations. Funding is granted for programs taking place in the current fiscal year. For more information on funding guidelines, grant deadlines or to submit an application, please visit www.CoxCharitiesCentral.org.