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Our Cox Southeast Region Community – Central Florida

Cox's Southeast Region and our Central Florida markets in Alachua County and Marion County areas are grateful to be able to support the communities we serve. We partner with community organizations and charitable groups to lend our communications strength to their efforts in order to elevate their worthwhile causes while simultaneously telling their stories.

Our Local Giving Concerns

We demonstrate what we firmly believe by our focused areas of giving. We concentrate our support in, but are not limited to, the following key areas:

  • Education – Realizing the importance of education, we support initiatives that enhance educational efforts, particularly at the K-12 level.

  • Environment – We support organizations and initiatives that encourage environmental sustainability and conservation.

  • Civic and Community – We support charitable and community organizations that make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

  • Youth – We support programs targeted toward providing children the essentials they need to grow up into self-supporting and contributing members of society.

  • Diversity – We support organizations that directly support the many facets of the richly diverse communities we serve.

  • Technology – We support initiatives that enhance technology curriculum for children, particularly at the K-12 level.

How We Can Help

In Florida, Cox offers a variety of options for helping community organizations to reach their maximum potential through cash grants, in-kind donations, public service announcement plans  and more.

All organizations requesting support from Cox in Alachua County and Marion County areas are invited to fill out the appropriate online application/sponsorship request form (listed below).

Grant Application Review Process

After a review period of approximately 90 days, your organization will receive a response from our market representative. Funding decisions are based on the quality of the applicant programs and their support of Cox's key areas of focus. Additional considerations include the scope of each program and the overall impact on the community. Preference may also be given to programs that provide a unique service, not being duplicated in the area.


For additional information about the sponsorship review process, contact the following:

Please access the sponsorship request form by clicking here.

You will be asked to register as a user (with a password) in order to complete the application. Please ensure your password contains both letters and numbers.