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Cox in the Community
Model Technology Schools

The Woonsocket Area Career & Technical Center
Cranston, Rhode Island

A Cox Model Technology School

In 1997, the Woonsocket School Department partnered with Cox Communications to create the Cox Telecommunications Academy. The Academy is a center of learning for teachers, students and the Woonsocket community. Through a technology grant from Cox, the Academy is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection and professional development opportunities for educators and parents, and advanced e-Learning for students. 

Through a local area networking solution, teachers work in collaboration to share innovative ideas for incorporating technology to enhance education and improve student achievement. As part of this program, a virtual learning community is created to exchange ideas, share best practices and access information and resources to help them implement and improve their projects. These connections support mentoring, instruction and enhanced distance learning through streaming video. Using Cox's sophisticated network, learning has evolved.

Cox initiatives such as CoxLinkRI - provide opportunities to help Rhode Island travel faster and farther on the information superhighway. CoxLinkRI utilizes Cox’s network to connect the various resource partners to one another and to the outside world. The upgraded network offers expanded channel capacity, greater reliability and improved picture quality and also enables Cox to provide a wider range of voice, data and video services.

Cox has been involved in several partnerships in Rhode Island, including the Warwick School Department, the Museum of Natural History at Roger Williams Park in Providence and CoxLinkRI. In collaboration with the Providence Journal Bulletin and the Warwick School Department, Cox provided students with the opportunity to explore journalism via a model distance-learning project.

Other Cox Model Technology School Success Stories:

    • Clear View Elementary School
    • Ruffner Middle School
    • Omaha Northwest High School
    • Horizon Charter School
    • Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy
    • Chalmette High School

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