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 Troubleshooting the 3DTV Setup

Complete the following checklist to resolve most 3D issues.




Verify you are tuned to the Cox3DTV channel in your area. Check local channel listings.


Verify the model number of your 3DTV. Only the following models are known to display the Masters in 3D:

  • Model TC-P50VT20 Panasonic VT20 Series, 50-Inch 1080P, 240Hz 3D Plasma HDTV
  • Model UN55C7000 Samsung 7000 Series, 55-Inch 1080P, 240Hz, 3D LED HDTV
  • Model UN46C7000 Samsung 7000 Series, 46-Inch 1080P, 240Hz, 3D LED HDTV

Also verify the 3D glasses are specified by Panasonic or Samsung for use with the 3DTV. The model numbers are:

  • Panasonic model TY-EW3D10 3D glasses
  • Samsung model SSG-2100 3D glasses
  • Samsung model SSG-2200 3D glasses


Verify your Cox cable box is the HD (high-definition) or HD/DVR version. Look on the front panel of the cable box for a model number containing HD or HD/DVR.

4 Verify the cable box is connected to the 3DTV using any HDMI cable. The connector on the HDMI cable looks like this:
Verify the broadcast HD signal is working. Switch to a known HD channel and verify the picture is clear (not blue, black, snowy, or noisy with static).

Verify the 3DTV is in 3D mode. For instructions, see:

  All steps complete.