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The Digital TV Transition

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Between February 17 and June 12, 2009, TV will change. You may have heard about the Digital Transition and wondered what it means to you. Your friends at Cox would like to clear up some of the confusion and help you prepare for the Digital Transition.

What is the Digital Transition?
It's the time when local over-the-air broadcast stations, like ABC, CBS and NBC and others are required to switch from analog to digital signals. If you have an analog TV that uses an antenna (rabbit ears or rooftop) to receive a TV signal, and is not connected to Cable, you may miss out on your favorite shows, sports and the local news.

When is the Digital Switch?
Broadcasters will notify viewers of the switch to digital by scrolling the date of the switch along the bottom of various TV programs on your analog TV set. They will scroll the date for at least ten days prior to their planned switch to digital.

Is your TV ready for the Digital Transition?
If your televisions are connected to Cox Cable service – with or without a Digital Box, you'll continue to enjoy all your favorite channels and shows after the digital transition. No action is required.

If you have an older television using an antenna to receive a TV signal, you have several options to continue receiving. Find out more from the Digital Transition Information Video or review the Digital Transition Option At A Glance (pdf).

Don't Forget Your Other TVs.
If you are a Cox Cable customer and have a TV in your home that is not currently connected to cable, you can call us to schedule an additional outlet installation. All TVs connected to Cox will receive broadcast television stations, and many more.

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