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Remote Control Does Not Work

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Remote Check

  • Verify that the batteries are working by pressing the power button to see if the red light at the top of the remote turns ON.
  • If it does not, replace the batteries.
  • Point the remote control directly at the Cox digital cable terminal when changing channels.
  • Make sure you properly programmed the remote control.

ALL button on the remote control

Some Cox Digital Cable remotes have an [ALL] button. This button will turn the power ON/OFF for all devices controlled by that remote.

  • If all devices (TV, VCR and Digital Cable box) are currently ON, the [ALL] button will turn them all off.
  • If some devices are on, and some are off, the [ALL] button still switches all of the devices.
  • Those that are on will go off and vice versa.

DEVICE button on the remote control

Some Cox Digital Cable remotes have a [DEVICE] button. This button indicates or changes which device the remote control is currently controlling.

  • To determine which device the remote is currently controlling
  • Push the [DEVICE] button.
  • The current device button will light up.
  • To change the device which is being controlled
  • Push [DEVICE] and then the button for the device you would like to use (ex [CBL]. [TV] [VCR]).

Preference Definitions:

SAP: Secondary Audio Programming

Language: Specify the language desired for the audio (alternate track digital channels only) or display (settop menus and help)

Audio: Specify the cable settop's volume level, output mode for analog and digital channels, and dynamic range compression

Settop Clock: Specify whether the cable settop LED displays time only, the current channel only, or time with the current channel number