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Benefits of keeping AOL and

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1. Instant Messenger!
Can I use AOL Instant MessengerSM and Buddy Lists with the Cox High Speed Internet service?

YES!!! AOL Instant MessengerSM and Buddy Lists can also be used with Cox High Speed Internet. In fact, you can use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) with the Cox High Speed Internet service without being an AOL customer. All you have to do is download the Instant Messaging software for FREE at . Then you can enjoy the Internet Revolution with Cox High Speed Internet and still stay in touch with all of your old AOL friends. And because Cox High Speed Internet provides you with an always-on connection, No Dial up required, instant messaging is always available.

2. AOL email and buddy lists are free when you bring your own Internet service!

Accustomed to the AOL interface as your entry to the Internet?  Continue to use AOL software over Cox High Speed Internet! All the features you expect and enjoy, but when you access with Cox, it's much faster, and there's no cost for AOL service.

3. CHAT:
I love AOL’s Chat and Newsgroups. Does Cox High Speed Internet offer chat and newsgroups?

YES!!! You can continue to use your AOL chat and newsgroups, or participate in Cox High Speed Internet-only newsgroups where you can discuss ideas, opinions, and information about the service with fellow subscribers. We understand the importance of community and recommendations for new and different newsgroups are only a click away.

4. Multiple Email boxes:
Does Cox High Speed Internet offer Multiple Email boxes?

YES!!! Cox High Speed Internet understands that having all of your family members online is important. This is why Cox High Speed Internet offers 7 separate email addresses with unique passwords. Each Cox High Speed Internet user can also check email or surf the Internet at the same time. Each email address comes with 1 GB of storage and 10MB of Personal Web Space. You can also access your email from wherever you have an Internet connection with Cox WebMail. The choice is yours, use your AOL address, use your Cox address or both!

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What are the advantages of using Cox High Speed Internet email? Cox High Speed Internet understands that email is important to you and has created a way to make your email experience enjoyable by offering you lots of helpful features.

  • Cox Security Suite - Cox High Speed Internet's suite of security features offers FREE protection to your email and connection. These include Pop Up Blocker, Spam Blocker, Parental Controls, Anti-Virus, and anti-phishing software.
  • Filters - Like AOL email, Cox High Speed Internet customers can set up filters for your mail which will help eliminate any junk email or spam that you may receive.
  • Access your email anywhere, anytime using any standard web browser and Internet connection, - WebMail is a feature from Cox High Speed Internet that lets you have access to your email from where ever you are. Cox High Speed Internet offers many features with WebMail.
  • Organize your email - Cox High Speed Internet email software includes useful filing and storage features. Email search features also make it easier to find important email.
  • Improved Address Book - Cox High Speed Internet's address book makes it easier to manage your contact information and allows you to store detailed contact information such as addresses, phone numbers, and business names.
  • Plus all the benefits of Cox High Speed Internet
    1. Amazing speed - surf and download files faster.
    2. Unlimited Access - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    3. An Always-On Internet Connection – No need to dial-up and no busy signals ever!
    4. Free Security Suite- provides protection to your PCs and connection.
    5. Up to 7 private email addresses- everyone has a personalized inbox.
    6. 10 MB of personal web space per each activated e-mail address.
    7. Home Networking from Cox- Connect up to 4 PCs so that you or others in your family can access.

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Welcome  |   Benefits  |   FAQ  |   Special Pricing  |   How to switch

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