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Cox Tech Solutions Advisor

An advisor will help you understand how to use your computer, certain applications or peripheral devices. Your advisor can help:

  • Support virus/spyware scan and removal
  • Set up/install/configure software
  • Install and set up your external devices (tablets, gaming systems, digital cameras, etc.)
  • Configure web browsers, email, client chat settings, etc.
  • Configure data backup to local storage device
  • Provide training, education, guidance, etc.

Remote help: $59.99
In-home help: $149.99

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Cox Tech Solutions Troubleshooter

An expert will help fix what’s ailing your computer or tablet. The expert can help:

  • Diagnose and resolve PC crashes, computer viruses, spyware
  • Support virus/spyware scan and removal
  • Troubleshoot home networks (set up in-home WiFi, add/remove devices, enable security, etc.)
  • Troubleshoot operating systems and software problems
  • Provide training, education, guidance, etc.
  • Sync mobile devices with PC application
  • Configure data backup to local storage device
  • Install smartphone software on computer or tablet
  • Troubleshoot sync software issues

Remote help: $99.99
In-home help: $249.99

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Cox Tech Solutions PC Tune-Up

Clean up your computer so it runs at peak performance. Your expert will:

  • Remove spyware, malware and viruses
  • Clear out temporary files
  • Clear out unnecessary startup files and processes
  • Clean up system files
  • Install and configure operating system updates
  • Remove unnecessary processes
  • Resolve problems causing system or application crashes
  • Assist with configuration and startup for hard drive defragmentation
  • Install Cox Security Suite (Cox High Speed Internet customers only)

Remote help: $139.99
Best value: $99.99 when purchased with a 24/7 Help Desk subscription
(anytime coverage for a low monthly fee)

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Cox Tech Solutions Home Networking

Get help with a first-time setup/installation or troubleshooting your home network. A home network technician will help:

  • Set up and configure your wireless router/gateway
  • Secure network with wireless router encryption
  • Connect up to 5 computers and WiFi devices to your network

Remote help: $59.99
In-home help: $149.99

If you have more than 5 computers or devices to connect to your home network, additional fees apply.

Remote help: $31.99 per device over 5
In-home help: $49.99 per device over 5

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Internet Pricing

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Features & Equipment

Get the right features and equipment to maximize your Internet experience.

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Internet Support

Get helpful Internet tips and tricks from the Cox Network.

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For residential customers in Cox service areas. Cox Tech Solutions service options have additional terms and conditions. Cox Tech Solutions is a service mark of Cox Communications.