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Ordering Pay-Per-View Ordering on Cox.com

Last Updated: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn how to place an online order for Pay-Per-View programs.


The following information will help you with ordering Pay Per View programs.

Account Access


When placing a Pay-Per-View order on Cox.com, you must log in with the primary account holder ID. 

Note: If an Authorized User has been given full access to the account, they can also place an order.

highlights sign in page

For an explanation of the different account types on Cox.com, see the following articles:

Order Window Not Started


Most Pay-Per-View events, such as boxing matches, have a specific time period when you can purchase an event. If you attempt to order an event before the order window, you will be shown the time when you can order.

highlights event unable notice


  • Once on the Express Checkout page, if you attempt to order an event before the order window starts, you will be asked to select a different showtime.  
  • Select a different showtime or check back closer to the date and time of the desired event.

highlights Express Checkout page

Event In Progress


For events in progress, you can order the event until the order window closes or select another viewing time.

highlights event in progress warning

Billing Error


highlights Your bill is past due page

Note: In order to place an order online, your account must be up to date without a past due balance. If your account does have a past due balance, you will be presented with an option to pay the bill.

  1. Click the Make a payment button as shown above. 
  2. Once your payment has been processed, you will be returned to the Order Confirmation page for the Pay-Per-View event. 

If you would like to speak with a Customer Support agent about your bill, contact us.

Duplicate Order


You will not be allowed to order an event that has already been ordered via your TV remote or online.

highlights Duplicate Order page

Unable to Process Order


highlights Unable to process this order page

If you do not have the proper equipment or available credit limit to view an event, you will see the above error message. If you would like to speak with a Customer Support agent about your order, contact us

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