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No Picture During Pay-Per-View Event

Last Updated: Fri, 04 Jun 2010 > Related Articles

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This article provides quick fixes for problems with screen images disappearing, or playback stopping while viewing a PPV event.


The screen image Turns black While Watching a Pay-per-View (PPV) Event and Setting up Parental Controls.If you channel up or down this condition will clear.
PPV Event That I Was Watching Stopped Before the End.

A PPV event has a specific begin and end time. If you used the pause or rewind feature of your cable box to time shift your PPV event, it is possible for the event's time window to expire before your viewing of the event ends.

This will result in you missing the end of the event. We recommend that you watch PPV events straight through, or record the event from the advertised time window. Once you record the event, you will be able to use all the cable features such as: pause, rewind, fast forward, and instant replay without any problems.

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