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Ordering Pay-Per-View Events on Cox.com

Last Updated: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Want the convenience of ordering Pay-Per-View events online at any time? Learn how below.


With Cox you have several easy to use options for ordering Pay-Per-View events. You can order from your phone or on your TV, but we have now added the ability to order events online for even more convenience.

On the Pay-Per-View Listings page on Cox.com, you can browse events in a grid on your computer rather than browsing on your TV with your remote. The page is divided into two sections: See the Premiere and Watch the Encore.

highlights See the Premiere option

Under See the Premiere, the latest events are listed first. This will allow you to see every upcoming event immediately so that you do not miss a beat when you are ready to order. On certain occasions, the price and time of the event may be missing from the event summary. Missing pricing and time information is an indication that the event will premiere soon but it is not yet available to be ordered.  To order, check back closer to the start date and time of the event.

highlights Watch the Encore option

Under Watch the Encore,you will be able to order any Pay-Per-View event you might have missed previously or would like to watch again.

To see more details for any event, click a title or image under See The Premiere or Watch the Encore 

highlights event detail page

On the details page, you will see the showtimes for the event and can place the order at your convenience.

Note: The prices listed on the Pay-Per-View Listings and Details pages are not accurate for your location until you sign in with your Cox.com account. See the instructions below. 

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