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Activating WatchESPN on Xbox

Last Updated: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn how to activate WatchESPN on your Xbox.


Before You Begin

  • You must be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to activate and access WatchESPN.  
  • Authentication is triggered when you click on any WatchESPN content.
  • All Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have access to clips and content from ESPN.com. WatchESPN will allow you to view live events once you have been authenticated.
  • At this time Xbox will NOT be supporting Closed Captioning.
  • Some content will be Blacked-Out regardless of authentication such as 30 for 30 and WSOP.
  1. From the Xbox ESPN home screen, click First Take.

    Result: A screen displays the content that you clicked on and will prompt you to authenticate. 

  2. Click Choose your provider.
  3. Select Cox

    Result: the http://watchespn.com/activate/cox site will display.

  4. Click the link. Cox should be pre-selected.
  5. Enter the registration code displayed on your Xbox screen.
  6. Click Continue.

    Result: The Cox.com sign in page displays.  

  7. Sign in with your Cox user ID and password

    Result: The WatchESPN page displays and states,“You can now go back to your Xbox and enjoy ESPN programming.”


  8. Return to the Xbox and click Continue.

    Result: An “Authenticating…”  message displays verifying authentication status.

Once complete, the First Take content will begin playing in the hero tile of the Xbox.

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