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How to Use Remote DVR Scheduling

Last Updated: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn about the Remote DVR Scheduling feature and how to access it from a computer or wireless phone.


Remote DVR Scheduling is a convenient way to record a single episode or movie to your DVR when you are away from home. You can even record a show that is already in progress.


Before using the remote DVR scheduling, you must meet the conditions below.

  • Have a valid Cox.net email address with a username and password.
  • Have Cox DVR service
  • Have a subscription to the channel from which you want to record.
  • Have Internet access through a wireless phone or computer.

Accessing from a Wireless Phone

When logging into the remote DVR schedule for the first time from a wireless phone, you will be prompted to do the following:

  • Enter the 10 digit phone number of the wireless phone being used.
  • Create a PIN that is 4 - 7 digits long.

Note: For security purposes, do not use your social security number or phone number for the PIN.


Visit www.cox.com/mydvr and enter User ID and Password, then click the Sign In button.

Result: The TV Listings page displays where you can view and search TV listings, and schedule recordings.


Select a recording by scrolling through the listings, or searching by keywords in the Search TV Listings field.

  • To view listings for a specific date or time, use the date and / or time drop-downs.
  • To view listings for a specific channel, in the Go to Channel field, enter the specific channel number, or select a channel from the Jump to channel drop-down box.
  • To highlight listings by category, such as Movies, Kids, Sports, or HD, click a Highlight option link.
  1. Click the Record to my Cox DVR button.
  2. Select either Record if Possible or Definitely Record.
    • The Record if Possible option allows the recording to proceed if no other programming is scheduled for that time and date.
    • The Definitely Record option ensures that the program overrides any other programming scheduled for that date and time.

Click the Set to Record button.

Result: A confirmation of your recording request displays.

If you receive an error message, ensure the following requirements are met.

  • Your DVR is plugged in and powered on.
  • Your DVR is not at full capacity.
  • The program you are trying to schedule has not already ended.
  • The program is on a channel you subscribe to.

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