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Cox TV Connect Features

Last Updated: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn about the features and requirements for Cox TV Connect for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


For quick access to specific TV Connect information, use the links below.


The Cox TV Connect app allows you to watch TV programming in real time from your mobile device or computer while connected to the Cox network from your home.

See the Requirements and Supported Devices section below for a list of supported devices.

The app and service, is available for free to customers with qualifying Cox services and equipment. If you meet the Cox TV Connect Requirements, you can download the app from the Apple App Store, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon, and login using your primary User ID and Password.

Once logged in to the Cox TV Connect app, you can:

  • Access over 90 cable and local channels 
  • Stream up to five devices concurrently
  • Access an easy to navigate guide, which lists up to 14 days of scheduled programs, program descriptions, and ratings for current and upcoming shows
  • Filter shows by categories such as Movies, Kids&Family, Sports, News, and by TV/MPAA Ratings or use the Sort TV Grid By option to sort by a specific channel name or channel number. The Sort TV Grid By menu is  available for Apple devices only.
  • Choose to watch programs using a full screen high quality standard definition picture in either portrait or landscape view
  • Schedule DVR recordings
  • Set reminders for TV programs
  • Turn on and off Closed Captioning - available for Apple devices only
  • Submit Feedback and view Settings

Additionally, once you are successfully logged in, the app will conveniently sign you in for seven days, unless you choose to Sign Out.

Important: Refer to Cox TV Connect Limitations below.

Requirements and Supported Devices

To be eligible for Cox TV Connect, you must:

  • Subscribe to either Essential, Preferred, Premier, Premier Plus, or Ultimate Internet service.
  • Subscribe to Cox TV Essential package or higher.

Additionally, you must have:

  • A  Cox primary account holder User ID and Password
  • A WiFi home network behind a DOCSIS modem, eMTA, or gateway
  • One of the following devices:
 Device TypeDevices / Specifications
  • iPad or iPod touch with iOS 4.3 or greater
  • iPhone with iOS 4.3 or greater up to app version 1.0.5
  • iPhone with iOS 6 or greater beginning with app version 1.0.6 on or after May 8, 2014
    • Existing iOS 4.3 or 5.x TV Connect users are grandfathered at this time.
      Customers who already have Cox TV Connect on an iOS 4.3 or 5.x device can continue to use app version 1.0.5, but will not receive any future updates. As long as the customer has downloaded app version 1.0.5, Apple will let them re-download this older version, if the customer needs to delete and re-install the app.
    • There is currently no planned date to retire version 1.0.5 for iPhone.
      There are no immediate plans to retire app version 1.0.5 for iPhone, and at some unknown point in the future, changes may be made to the supporting infrastructure that render versions prior to 1.0.6 inoperable. There is no planned date for this to occur, but it is likely unavoidable as technology develops and changes.
    • Enhanced Closed Captioning support requires iOS 7.
      Cox TV Connect for iPhone supports simple closed captioning and will continue to for devices running iOS 6 and 7. Advanced closed captioning features, such as setting custom colors, fonts, and other attributes, is only supported on iOS 7, and can be adjusted in the iPhone’s Settings menu. Customers on iOS 6 who need advanced closed captioning capabilities are encouraged to update their iPhone to iOS 7 to enable advanced capabilities in Cox TV Connect and other popular video apps.
  • Kindle Fire 2nd generation 
  • Kindle Fire HD 7”
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9”
  • Google Nexus 7”
  • Samsung S3 and S4 Smartphones
  • HTC One Smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy tablet 2 – 7”
  • Samsung Galaxy tablet 2 – 10.1”
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1”
    : Cox offers limited support for Samsung devices.

Access Cox TV Connect

The Cox TV Connect app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or from the Cox TV Connect landing page on 

  • In order to successfully launch the application, you must meet the above Cox TV Connect Requirements. Once the app is installed, login using your Cox primary account holder User ID and Password. 
  •  If one or more of the requirements are not met, the app will display an error message indicating the reason it failed.


The Cox TV Connect app can only be used to stream live cable programming while you are connected to the Cox network from your home. Additionally, Cox TV Connect has the following limitations:

  • The Cox TV Connect app is only accessible on an Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or greater, and some Android tablets. See the Requirements and Supported Devices section for a list of supported devices.
  • Each customer can stream cable programming on up to five devices at the same time.
    Note: Each device must be signed in using the Cox account holder User ID and Password.
  • Only one program can be viewed at a time per device.
  • Access to live TV outside the home is not supported.
  • Cox TV Connect programming cannot be viewed when the device is connected to a TV or monitor.
  • On DEMAND, Parental Controls, and the ability to search for specific programs are not available at this time.
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcasts are not supported on iPhones or Android devices. Effective October 13, 2015, the current version of the app supports EAS on iPads only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

For quick answers to your specific questions, click the following links based on the FAQ category below.

General FAQs

What is Cox TV Connect?

Cox TV Connect is an application that customers can download to their computer or mobile device to view over 90 channels. The programming that appears on the screen is the same programming that would appear in real time on your television screen. To access Cox TV Connect, customers must have Preferred, Premier or Ultimate Cox High Speed Internet Service, Cox TV Essential service and a DOCSIS modem, eMTA, or gateway.

What  TV programming is available on Cox TV Connect?

With Cox TV Connect, you can view over 90 TV channels that are currently airing based on your market. 

Will more content become available on Cox TV Connect?

We are continually expanding our offerings and adding more value to our services. Over time, we do expect to add more channels to the TV Connect service.

To see the channel offering for your area, see Cox TV Connect Channel Lineup.

Can I use the TV Connect guide to see what’s coming up in the next few hours or days?

Yes. You can view up to 14 days of TV listings, schedules, and program information. You can also use the Date&Time feature to filter TV listings, and program information based on a specific date and time. 

Does it cost extra to view programming with Cox TV Connect?

No. Cox TV Connect is available in all Cox markets at no additional cost to customers who meet the service requirements for Cox TV and Internet service.

Will watching television via Cox TV Connect count toward my monthly data usage allowance?

As we work to improve upon your Cox-provided services, data usage from video accessed from the Cox TV Connect app will be filtered out. Other activities, such as using the Cox TV Connect Guide or accessing a 3rd party app on your device within or outside of the Cox TV Connect app will count toward your monthly usage.. Examples of third party apps include HBO GO or ESPN3. See Data Plan FAQs or information related to Speeds and Data Plans.

If I start watching Cox TV Connect, then leave without exiting the application, will it automatically sign me out of the app?

If you are inactive for two hours (no volume adjustments or channel changes), a pop-up window will ask if you want to continue watching. If you select “yes,” then your viewing will continue, uninterrupted. If you don’t select yes, the application will automatically close without signing you out.

How do I access programming via Cox TV Connect?

The Cox TV Connect is a free application available in the Apple App Store, iTunes, Google Play, an Amazon. Download the app, then simply tap on the app, sign-in using your Cox primary account holder User ID and Password, and use the guide to access the channels you want to watch.

How many people in my household can access Cox TV Connect at the same time?

Cox TV Connect can be used on up to five devices per household at one time. All devices must be signed in with the primary account holder’s User ID and Password.

Can I access Cox TV Connect outside my home?

Cox TV Connect is limited to use within the range of your home Internet service. It provides the convenience and flexibility of having an additional, portable TV screen within your home.

Do I have to sign in each time I open the application?

You have the choice to sign out of the application or simply close the application. If you choose to sign out of the application, then you will need to sign in with your Cox primary account holder User ID and Password the next time you use TV Connect. If you simply close the application (using the “home screen” button), then you will remain signed in for seven days and the application will automatically sign you in the next time you open it.

Can I use Cox TV Connect to record and store television shows on my computer?

No, the application streams real time cable programming only. 

Can I use Cox TV Connect as a remote control for my television?

No. The Cox TV Connect app cannot be used as a remote control for your television.

Can I access Cox TV Connect when I am outside my home like at a friend's house or at a coffee shop?

Cox TV Connect gives customers the ability to view the program guide and scheduling DVR recordings while outside of the home; however, you cannot view programs outside the home.

Can I turn closed captioning on Cox TV connect?

Yes, you are able to turn ON/OFF closed captioning feature at the lower side of the video screen in the scaled video window above the program guide on the iPad. The closed captioning feature is available on the iPhone/iPod Touch under the Settings menu. Closed captioning is not available for Android tablets. 

If I'm using the Cox TV Connect app without viewing video, does that count against my device limit of five?

No, using the application without viewing video does not count against your device limit.

Can I access the TV Program guide if I am not a Cox digital TV customer?

No, Cox digital TV customers are able to access the TV program guide inside and outside the home.


Program guide FAQs

Can I use the TV Connect on-screen Program guide to see what's coming up in the new few hours or days on and my TV?

The Cox TV Connect on-screen program guide shows the programming that is available to watch immediately or up to 14 days in the future.

Can the Program guide display what is airing on the TV?

Yes, you can use Cox TV to navigate your TV Program guide.

Can I switch views between the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Program guide and the TV Program guide?

You can change the view of the Program guide between: A. Full Program guide view that includes the TV Program guide. Display programs that are available for streaming on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Customers are able to do that from the Show channels Tab.

Can I store a default Program guide view?

Yes, you are able to store a default view. It will be either the TV Program guide View or the Program guide view.

Do I have to be a Cox TV Connect customers in order to access the TV Program guide?

No, Cox Digital TV customers are able to navigate the TV Program guide from their device.

How can I see more information about a program?

You can see extended information when tapping on the program title.

How can I sort the Program guide data?

You can sort the Program guide by the following themes: 

  • Sports 
  • Children 
  • News 
  • Movies 
  • TV Ratings 

You can do that from the Highlight By tab.

Can I jump in the Program guide for different days and time?

You are able to display Program guide data by Day/Date and Time. Customers are able to do that from the Date & time Tab.

Can I set a reminder for a program?

Yes, Cox TV Connect allows you to set reminders to watch or record programs. Cox TV Connect will remind you of airing programs when the reminders are set from the device. Customers are able to do that from extended information Tab.

Can I delete a reminder after I set one up?

Yes, you are able to delete reminders from the extended information Tab.

Remote DVR Scheduling FAQs

Do I have to be a Cox TV Connect customer in order to schedule a DVR recording?

No, Cox Digital TV customers with DVR service are able to schedule a recording.

Can I navigate the Program guide without an Internet connection?

No, the Cox TV Connect Program guide is not available without an Internet connection.

Can I use Cox TV Connect to program my DVR?

Yes, Cox TV Connect offers you the ability to Schedule DVR recordings "on-the-fly," anytime, and anywhere to Cox DVRs.

Can I schedule a recording for more than one DVR in my house?

Yes, Cox Digital customers with DVR service can schedule a recording for each DVR. 

Can I name my DVR?

Not currently. If there are multiple DVRs on the account, they will be listed in numerical sequence such as DVR 1, DVR 2, and DVR 3 . In future releases, customers will be able to choose their own DVR naming.

Can I record a series remotely?

Not at this time. In future releases, Cox will offer this feature.

Can I resolve recording conflict when it occurs?

Yes, you can override conflicts on the DVR without knowing the program that they are overriding.

Why can't I schedule a program to record?

Check your DVR settings. Delete recordings to free up disk space. Make sure the DVR is plugged in. If you have not subscribed to the channel, contact Cox Communications. Check the program guide to see if the program is being shown again at a later time.
Note: You cannot schedule a recording for a program that occurred in the past.

Troubleshooting Cox TV Connect FAQs

Why does the App close automatically while I am watching a program?

Close open apps to free up memory by completing the following steps: 

  1. Press the Home button twice to display recently used apps. 
  2. Hold your finger on an app until a red minus sign appears on each open app. 
  3. Tap the red minus sign on each open app to close it.

Why could not I view a program on my TV when I connect my device to the TV?

Cox TV Connect programs cannot be viewed when connected to an external device such as a TV or monitor.

Why is the channel not displaying the picture or audio?

  1. Change the channel, then return to the previous channel. If that does not resolve the issue, proceed to step 2 below. 
  2. Check the Wi-Fi signal to ensure you are in range of your home network. If the Wi-Fi signal is low, video streaming may not be supported; however, audio may still be present. If this does not resolve the issue, contact Cox TV Connect Technical Support at 1-866-590-4229.

Why is the Channel not displaying the picture; however, audio is present?

Check the Wi-Fi signal to ensure you are in range of your home network. If the Wi-Fi signal is low, video streaming may not be supported; however, audio may still be present.  

For Apple devices, when attempting to access the app, why I am automatically returned to the home screen after I updated the iOS version?

Download the latest version of Cox TV Connect app from the Apple App store.

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