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CableCARD and Retail Devices

Last Updated: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn more about the number and type of CableCARDs needed for retail devices.



Cox Digital CableCARD service allows you to receive video programming without a cable box through the use of a retail device and a CableCARD. The type and number of CableCARDs needed varies based off of the type of TV or receiver you have.

Some vendors refer to a retail device as a unidirectional digital cable product (UDCP). - Why? We have no idea.

Contact Cox to schedule an appointment for a Cox Home Service Technician to professionally deliver and install your CableCARD. After the install, if you are unable to view your channels, Cox provides technical support. 

If you need assistance with the TV or receiver, and not only with viewing your channels, you must contact the manufacturer of your device.

Make sure to complete the pre-installation steps required from the manufacturer before the technician arrives for the installation. The pre-installation process can take 45 minutes or so to complete.

Types of CableCARDs

There are two types of cable cards.

Card TypeDetails
S-cardThe single stream provides a one-way signal for video programming only.
M-cardThe multi-stream provides two-way signal for interactive video programming.

With many currently available CableCard devices, you will not be able to use the following services:

    • Cox's Interactive Program Guide, including Cox's Parental Controls.
    • On DEMAND services, including Subscription Video on DEMAND (where available).
    • Pay-Per-View (PPV), including special events and sports packages.

You can call Cox to order PPV, special events, and sports packages. PPV, special events, and sports packages cannot be ordered from the remote control.

CableCARD Chart for Retail Devices

Check the chart below to see the type and quantity of CableCARDs required by different retail devices. If you have a retail CableCARD DVR or receiver not shown in this chart, please contact us for assistance.

DeviceDeviceCableCARDs RequiredTuning Adapter CertifiedTunes Contour HD ChannelsNotes
TiVo TiVo Series 3 HD- DVR2 M-CARDs or 2 S-CARDs per device (must be 2 CARDs)YesNo

The M-CARDs in this TiVo function as single-stream CARDs, not multi-stream.



1 M-CARD or 2 S-CARDs for per deviceYesNo

This TiVo can run both tuners with only one M-CARD.

TiVo Premiere 

TiVo Premiere XL

1 M-CARD for each deviceYesYes
  • One M-CARD required for both TiVo Premiere and Premiere XL. 
  • Will tune MPEG4 > 860 MHz
TiVo Premiere Elite1 M-CARDYesYesReleased Sept 2011.
 TiVo Roamio1 M-CARDYesYes

One M-CARD needed.

Will tune 1 GHz.

MoxiMoxi HD DVR 21 M-CARDYesNo
  • One M-CARD per Moxi  device. 
  • The Moxi Mates connect to the device and do not use a separate CableCARD.
Moxi HD DVR 31 M-CARDYesNo
  • One M-CARD per Moxi  device. 
  • The Moxi Mates connect to the device and do not use a separate CableCARD.
Moxi-MateMoxi-Mates operate through the host device and do not use CableCARDs.
OCUR Ceton InfiniTV-4 or 6 OCUR PC Device1 M-CARD for each deviceYesYes
  • Requires Windows 7, 2.0 GHz and 2 GB RAM. 
  • Will tune MPEG4 above 860 MHz.
HDHomeRun Prime by Silicon-Dust OCUR PC device1 M-CARD for each deviceYes (1 for each device)Yes
  • Requires Windows 7, dual core PC, 2 GB RAM, 100Mbit or 1000Mbit Ethernet. 
  • Will tune MPEG4 above 860 MHz.
ATI TV Wonder OCUR PC Device1 S-CARD or 1 M-CARDYesNoWindows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows 7 required.
TV Any DCR TV1 S-CARD or 1 M-CARDNoNoGenerally no longer available at retail but still exist in homes.

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