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Changing the Visibility of a Contour DVR

Last Updated: Wed, 05 Oct 2016 > Related Articles

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Protect the privacy or recording schedule of a DVR by making it invisible to other receivers in a Whole Home DVR setup.


The Whole Home DVR setup is a privacy feature that protects DVR list of titles, recordings, and storage space from being accessed by another receiver with the network.
Note: An invisible DVR can still access visible DVRs on the Whole Home network.
Follow these steps to make your DVR visible or invisible.


Go to the location of the DVR you want to change to Visible or Invisible.


Using the Cox remote, press the SETTINGS button.


Select Receivers and then press OK.
Result: The middle box displays DVR Network.


Select DVR Network and then press OK.


Select the Change Network Status feature and then press OK.


Select the Visible or Invisible feature and then press OK.
Note: If Parental Control settings are enabled, you must enter the PIN to save the changes. This prevents unauthorized changes to the Visible or Invisible feature.
: A confirmation window displays the new status of the DVR.

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