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Tuning Adapter Self Install Kits

Last Updated: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 > Related Articles

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Our Tuning Adapter Kit allows retail CableCARD receivers to show all required HD channels.


To obtain a CableCARD, visit your local Cox Solutions Store, or call 1-877-820-8202 to schedule a professional installation. For more information, see Cox Digital CableCARD™ Service.


The tuning adapter attaches to retail CableCARD devices such as TiVo, Moxi, and Ceton devices, and enables reception of all subscribed channels.

The tuning adapter self install kit includes:

  • Tuning adapter
  • USB cable
  • RF cable
  • Tuning adapter power cord
  • POE filter
  • 2-way splitter
  • Self-Install Guide

Self-Install Manual

Self-Install Manual Prior to April 2012

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