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Managing Favorite Channels With Cox Connect

Last Updated: Wed, 10 May 2017 > Related Articles

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Learn to add or remove favorite channels on your mobile device.


With Cox Connect, you can keep track of your favorite channels using the My Channels feature found in the TV Listing module.

Note: You must have a cox.net account to use Cox Connect.


Log in to Cox Connect using your smart phone or other mobile device.

Note: If you haven't already created a User ID and Password, sign up for one by registering your account. See Cox.com Account Registration and Preferences.


Cox  Connect sign in

  1. Tap the Menu icon.

    Cox  Connect app highlighting the Menu icon.

  2. Tap TV Listings.

    Cox  Connect Menu highlighting TV Listings

To add a channel to your favorites, click on a channel.

TV Listings highlighting channel

Results: An alert displays informing you that the program has been added to 'My Channels', and the star will turn gold.


Toggle the Add To Favorites switch to add the channel to your favorites.

Cox Connect TV Listing Add to Favorites switch



To view your favorite channels click the Favorites button at the top of the screen.

Cox Connect TV Listing Favorites button

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