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Using Pause Live TV in a Whole Home DVR Network

Last Updated: Mon, 05 Dec 2016 > Related Articles

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Pause live TV from any receiver on a Cox Whole Home DVR network.


Any receiver in a Whole Home DVR  network can pause a live TV show using the steps below.

If the DVR receiver is recording the maximum number of shows, then the receiver cannot pause live TV. When this happens, cancel a DVR recording currently in progress to pause from a client receiver. 

To Pause and Resume Live TV

  1. Press the pause button on the remote for the HD client receiver.
    Note: If the pause did not occur, either:
    • Wait 5-10 seconds for the pause to activate.
    • The Pause Live TV setting is turned OFF. Turn it back ON. See steps above.
    • The DVR is unable to execute the pause for the client receiver. Either the DVR is busy making simultaneous recordings or the person watching TV from the DVR clicked the NO option when the request to pause the client receiver was displayed onscreen. The DVR will enable the HD client pause if:
      • The person watching TV from the DVR either clicked the YES option or didn't respond at all to the request to pause live TV.
      • You cancel a DVR recording that is in process. See the section below titled, How To Enable and Disable Client Pause From the DVR.
  2. Press the play button on the remote to resume viewing a paused program.
    Note: For the remainder of the program, you can rewind to the point when you paused it.

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