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What is New With the Rovi Program Guide

Last Updated: Fri, 05 Sep 2014 > Related Articles

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Our Program Guide has new features.


Four Amazing Features For Finding Just the Right Program 

Here you'll find the new features we added to your Cox Advanced TV rogram Guide recently. Each one is designed to help you find just the right program to watch. 

As usual, there is no additional charge for any of these new Program Guide features.


A more powerful Search that finds everything.

Gives you more "matches" by searching everything in the program guide plus in the On DEMAND libraries.

Check it out: Press the GUIDE button twice, select the Title or Keyword option, enter a search term, and then select the All option.  

To see only HD "matches," press the A button and select the HD option.

New "Auto-tune to HD" ensures you're always watching in HD, where available.

This feature automatically switches to the HD version (if available) of any
channel you select.

Requires an HD or HD/DVR receiver. To turn the feature On or Off, press MENU twice, select My Preferences, select Auto-tune to HD, then select On or Off.

When you schedule a recording, the Auto-tune to HD feature will record the HD version if available. To override the HD recording, select the option to Record in Standard Definition. This option automatically displays for you when scheduling an HD recording.    

Actors listed in "Cast & Credits" are also clickable.

Lets you check for upcoming movies and shows that feature the actor. 

To try it, press the GUIDE button, highlight a program, then press the INFO button. Next, select Cast & Credits, select the name of an actor or director listed, and then select either List upcoming shows or choose one of the recording setup options. 

Easier-to-use "Hide Adult Titles" settings.

Lets you block adult-oriented titles from displaying in the program guide, search results, recorded show titles, the Info Banner, and on Pay-per-View channels. 

What's new is the Follow Parental Control setting that lets you un-hide titles temporarily using the Parental Control PIN. 

Press the MENU button twice, select Parental Control, then Hide Adult Titles. Next, select the option to hide titles either Always (regardless of Parental Control settings), Never, or to Follow Parental Control settings that you already created. 

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