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Switch the Panasonic VT20 3DTV to 3D Mode

Last Updated: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 > Related Articles

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This describes how to switch the Panasonic VT20 3DTV to 3D Mode.


Before you switch the Panasonic VT20 Series 50-Inch 1080P 240HZ 3D Plasma HDTV to 3D mode, make sure:

  1. The Cox HD receiver is connected to the 3DTV via an HDMI  cable
  2. The special 3D glasses are Panasonic model number TY-EW3D10
  3. You are tuned to the Cox3D channel for viewing 3D programming

Note: For other models of 3D-enabled televisions, please consult the User Guide that came with the TV.

On the remote that came with the 3DTV, press the Viera Tools button, located on top right above the Return button.

Press the OK button to select the 3D icon. 

Result: The 3D Settings screen will display. 


Set 3D Eyewear field to On.


Set 3D Input format to Side by Side.


Check to see that Left/Right Swap default is Normal.

Check to see the Diagonal Line Filter default is set to Off.


On 3D Glasses that came with 3DTV:

Press and hold power button on glasses for 2-3 seconds, then release. (Power button located on left temple bar.)

Result: The picture will be viewable in 3D.

All steps complete.  


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