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Trouble Signing In on Cox.Com

Last Updated: Fri, 11 Dec 2015 > Related Articles

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If your User ID or Password fail, use the following troubleshooting chart to resolve the issue.


Cause of the ProblemSolution

User ID and Password haven't been created yet.

  1. From the Cox homepage, click My Connection.
  2. Click the Sign In box, the click the No Account? Register Now! link.
  3. Enter your Cox account number and PIN, both are located on your bill.
  4. Create a User ID and Password.

Password was entered with incorrect capitalization.

Note: The password is case sensitive. Meaning "WizardOfOz#9" is different from "WIZARDOFOZ#9" or "wizardofoz#9."

  1. Make sure the CapsLock and NumLock keys on the computer keyboard are unlocked (not ON).
  2. Then re-enter your password.

Password was forgotten.

  1. Click the Forgot Password? link in the Sign In box on www.cox.com.
  2. Enter your User ID.
  3. Follow the instructions to reset your Password.
    Note: For security, you will enter your Secret Answer to the Secret Question.
  4. Return to the Sign In box and log in with the new password.

Password lock out

Note: Five failed login attempts in a row is perceived by the system as a security threat, such as a possible break in. So the system "locks out" additional login attempts for 30 minutes. This lock out is intended to block unauthorized access to your account. If your login fails five times in a row, follow these steps:

  1. Close the Internet browser, wait 30 minutes, and then log in.
  2. If the next attempt to log in still fails, click the Forgot User ID and then the Forgot Password? link to recreate your login.
    : Cox cannot undo or remove a "lock out" that is in process.

User ID was entered incorrectly.

Cox provides its Internet  / Email customers with an email address that has their User ID in it. The User ID is all of the text and punctuation preceding the @ symbol of the email address.

Example: If your selected email address is anyname45.here@cox.net, then User ID is anyname45.here 

Note: The User ID is not case sensitive. Selecting upper or lower case letters cannot make the login fail.

User ID was forgotten.

  1. Click the Forgot User ID link in the Sign In box. 
  2. For security, you will provide your Cox 16-digit account number and the Secret Answer to your Secret Question.  

    Result: The User ID of the account holder displays.
    Note: The account holder can look up the User ID of an authorized user by clicking My Connection on the homepage, then My Account, then Manage Users.  

Secret Answer was forgotten.

  1. If the Secret Answer has been forgotten, contact Cox Customer Support to either reset the Password or look up the User ID so you can log in and update the Secret Answer.
  2. Return to the Cox homepage and Sign In with your User ID and Password. 
  3. Click My Account, then Edit Secret Question.  Select a new Secret Question and enter a new Secret Answer. 


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