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Searching TV Programs With Cox Mobile Connect

Last Updated: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Filter search results using the TV and DVR option.


Search for your favorite shows by channel, time or date using the Cox Mobile Connect app for your smartphone or other mobile device.

Note: You must have a cox.net account to use Cox Mobile Connect.

Log in to Cox Mobile Connect using your smartphone or other mobile device.

Cox Mobile Connect sign in



Tap TV & DVR.

highlights TV and DVR option

  1. The first screen you see is the TV & DVR listings, as shown below:

    TV listings screen
  2. Tap the date at the top left of the screen.

    Result: An option box displays. 

    Below shows the view for both Apple and Android. On the left is the iPhone / iPad screen. On the right is the Android screen. Both devices allow you to search by channel, date and time.
  3. Choose your options then tap Go!
 highlights Go button on iPhone 
highlights Go button on Android
You can also search by tapping the Browse, Search, or My Channels options at the bottom of the TV & DVR screen and following the prompts.

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