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Using Cox On Demand

Last Updated: Mon, 01 Aug 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to use On Demand to order movies and events, locate purchases on your bill, find and view previews, and resume viewing a progam at a later time.


How to Order Movies and Events


  1. After you have selected a movie or event, press the B button on the remote.
  2. If you have set up a Purchase PIN, an entry screen displays. Enter the 4-digit PIN.

    Select the movie and then press B to buy

    Note: If you forgot your Purchase (or Parental Control) PIN, simply call us and provide identification so that we can reset the PIN.

  3. When the Purchase Confirmation window pops up, press the B button on the remote.

    Purchase confirmation window
  4. When the introductory screen appears, press PLAY to start the show.

Use the control buttons, such as Play or Pause, on the remote to control the movie the way you would a DVD.

How to Locate the Purchase on Your Bill


The movie or event rental fee is applied to your Cox Digital Cable service and appears on your next monthly cable TV bill.

Some shows, such as those on FreeZone, cost nothing extra at all. For others, such as new movies, you pay a small fee. Prices vary, depending on the show.

Sample bill

How to Find the Previews


  1. Highlight the title of the show in the left pane.

    Note: Do not press the SELECT button, as this will start the show.

  2. Press the INFO button on the remote. A detailed information panel appears on the lower right side of the TV screen.

    If a preview is available for the show, a Preview icon displays.

    Info button
  3. To watch the Preview, press the Play button on the remote.

How to Resume Viewing at a Later Time


If you are viewing a rental movie and turn off the TV, you can return to the movie where you left off, as long as the rental period has not expired.

  1. Display the Movies On Demand or Event On Demand screen that has the horizontal collections bar.
  2. Use the right or left arrow button to highlight Purchased or Recently Viewed.

    Purchased status

    : A list displays showing movies or events with active rental periods.

  3. Use the up or down arrow button to highlight the title you want and press the SELECT button to restart or resume viewing.

Note: The Purchased and Recently Viewed lists are unique for each digital receiver in your home. The program you’re watching in your bedroom only appears in the lists on your bedroom receiver.

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