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EPIX for Apple iOS Devices

Last Updated: Mon, 05 May 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn about video content and features for the new EPIX app for iOS devices and Cox EPIX subscribers.



Cox customers that subscribe to the EPIX channel have unlimited access to stream full-length movies, comedies, music, sports, trailers, movie extras, red carpet interviews, and behind the scenes clips with the EPIX app for iOS 3.1.2 devices (iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone). 

The EPIX app can be used by subscribers and non-subscribers; however, to watch full-length movies and shows, you must subscribe to EPIX through Cox, and have a Cox user ID and password to sign in. 

EPIX App Features

  • Authenticated access to over 250 of the best full-length movie titles from the full online selection (epixhd.com)
  • Full title search with visual results
  •  “My Queue” synched across your computer, Apple iOS device, and other digital devices
  • Resume play where you last left a movie while watching on the Apple iOS device
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter posting


How to Access EPIX for iOS Devices

  1. Go to the Apple App Store and install the EPIX app. 
  2. Once installed, launch the app, and tap Watch Now
  3. Select a movie or show by browsing featured titles, using search, or choosing from your Queue. 
  4. Tap Watch Now.
    : If it is the first time using this device, or if the session has expired, you’ll be prompted to select your Service Provider.
  5. Select Cox as your Service Provider.
  6. Enter your Cox user ID and password. After successfully signing in, your video selection will begin immediately.



Known Technical Issue
If you are an EPIX subscriber that has never signed in online at epixhd.com and you successfully sign in for the first time on the EPIX App for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, the ability to play full-length movies or original shows may be restricted. This is a known issue and EPIX is working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, simply sign in at epixhd.com with your Cox user ID and password, then sign out at epixhd.com. Sign back in on the EPIX App, and this should remove the restriction and enable playback.




What is available on the EPIX App?

With an authenticated EPIX subscription through Cox, you can watch any available full-length movie or original program on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with the EPIX app. The title selection on this EPIX app is currently the best 250 from the full online selection. Subscribers can also manage their movie queue and share updates on Facebook and Twitter from within the EPIX app. Every app user, authenticated or non-authenticated, can explore EPIX movies by watching movie trailers, interviews, and behind-the scenes extras, view movie stills, and read movie synopses.

How can I get the EPIX™ App for the iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod Touch®?

The EPIX app is available for FREE from the Apple App Store. To download, search for Apple App store for EPIX and install the app.

Is there a cost for the EPIX App?

The EPIX app is FREE to everyone and allows users to watch all EPIX movie trailers, extras, and interviews, view movie stills, and read synopses of featured movies. An authenticated subscription to EPIX through Cox (or another service provider) is required to watch full length movies and original programs.

What Apple iOS devices support the EPIX App?

The EPIX App works on Apple iOS devices running at least iOS 3.1.2 or higher (iPad, iPhone 3G or later, iPod touch (3rd generation) or later).

How can I watch movies via the EPIX App?

  1. Select a movie or show, and tap the Watch Now button.
    The first time the device is used to watch a movie or original program, you will be asked to select your Service Provider and sign in with your Service Provider credentials. 
  2. Select Cox as your service provider, and enter your Cox user ID and password
    The movie will begin automatically when you have successfully signed in. The Apple iOS device will remain authorized for the length of the session. When the session has expired, you will be prompted to sign in to verify subscription status.


How do I authorize an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch?

The EPIX App on each Apple® iOS device must be authorized to watch full-length movies and original programs by signing in as a valid EPIX subscriber through Cox. An authenticated subscriber can have up to five active devices authorized to watch movies and originals program.

How do I get a Cox user ID and password to sign in to the EPIX App?

 If you don’t have your Cox.net user ID (email address) and password,refer to Cox.com Account Registration and Preferences, or contact Customer Support. 

How do I manage devices or de-authorize a device?

Devices can be managed through EpixHD.com by clicking on the Me link at the top of the page and selecting the Devices tab located just below the Recommended For You section. (The “Me” link is visible only after signing in to the site.) From here, devices associated with the account can be managed including de-authorizing devices no longer in use.

What kind of Internet connection is required to watch EPIX programming?

The Apple iOS device just needs any Internet connection via Wi-Fi , 3G Internet connectivity on the iPad or iPhone, or a mobile hotspot connection. The connection must be within the U.S. or U.S. territories. EPIX will automatically stream at the highest possible viewing quality based on the connection speed. A minimum speed of 575Kbps is required to seamlessly view video.

If I create a Movie Queue online at EpixHD.com, is it available on the EPIX App?

The Movie Queue is available online and on devices including Apple iOS devices. All subscriber additions, deletions, or changes in title ranking to the Queue are automatically reflected wherever Movie Queue is available.

How do the updates to Facebook and Twitter work from the EPIX App?

Easy updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts let you post or tweet about what you’re watching or share a picture from your favorite movie directly from within the EPIX App.

Can I watch movies on a TV using my iPad and AirPlay or video mirroring with an Apple Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter?

Video playback is only allowed on the Apple iOS device screens. AirPlay is restricted and the EPIX App will not allow video mirroring on TVs with the Apple adapters.

If I am traveling outside of the U.S., can I still watch movies on the EPIX App?

EPIX is only available within the U.S. and territories. Watching movie and original programs is disabled outside of this available area both online and through the EPIX App.

Does the EPIX App work on Apple TV®?

EPIX is not currently available on Apple TV.

Can I download a movie to an Apple iOS device for playback when an Internet connection is not available—like on an airplane?

EPIX movies and original programs are available to stream instantly to a computer or Apple iOS device. EPIX does not offer a download option at this time.

How can I get help authenticating on an Apple iOS device or resolving issues with watching a movie or original program?

Most questions can be quickly answered by referring to the EPIX Frequently Asked Questions page at http://corp.epixhd.com/faq/. If the problem is not addressed or recommendations do not resolve the issue, a subscriber should email info@epixhd.com for help within 48 hours.


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