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Having problems with your TV signal or Picture? Did you know that most TV issues can be solved by using our in-home reset tool? Just sign-in, click the Reset button, and get back to watching the show. >> Reset My Cable Box

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Resetting Your Cable Connection

Last Updated: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to use the reset tool to solve your No Picture and other cable TV problems.


Having a problem with your TV picture? You can refresh your cable receiver using the Cable Connection Reset tool.

If earlier troubleshooting steps haven't resolved your No Picture problem, you can use our Cable Connection Reset Tool to request that Cox send a refresh and reboot command to your receiver.

Resetting your cable connection may take up to 15 minutes.

During a reset, the following will occur.

  • You cannot record on a DVR during the reset. Any pre-scheduled DVR recording will fail during the reset.
  • You will not be able to watch television on any cable-connected television in the house during the reset.
  • Before using the Cable Connection Reset Tool, be sure you've tried all the earlier troubleshooting steps.

Still want to reset your connection? Click the button below to use the Cable Connection Reset Tool. If you have not already logged in to Cox.com, you may be asked to log in to allow our servers to sync with your cable equipment on our network.



Want more options? Get guided help for your TV picture problems.

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