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Cox.com Account Registration and Preferences

Last Updated: Thu, 12 May 2016 > Related Articles

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Complete the online registration process to create or update your User ID, password, and preferred email address.


Not all User IDs created for an account can perform the same functions. Refer to Understanding Digital Identities and Account Types for more information.

You will need a User ID, Password, and Contact Email Address to gain access the following secure areas of Cox.com:

  • View/Pay Bill: Provides secure access to your Cox statements, bill payment page, and services such as EasyPay, Stop Paper Bill, and Email Reminders.
  • My Account: Permits you to set up or change your personal account settings, such as Nickname, Password, PIN, Security Question & Answer, Privacy Settings, Authorized Users, Billing Address, Payment Methods, and Contact Email Addresses.
  • My Services: Provides quick access to all of your Cox online services.
  • WebMail – Provides secure access to your personal Cox WebMail services.
  • Internet Tools - Provides secure access to your personal Cox Internet services.
  • Phone Tools - Provides secure access to your personal Cox Phone webpages.


Click Sign In My Account at the top of the homepage, then click the No Account? Register now! link to create a User ID and password for the first time.

If you already have a current User ID that you have forgotten or need to reset a current Password, click the Sign In link. Then click Forgot User ID / Password? and follow the prompts to reset your User ID or Password.


In the Confirm your Cox Services section, select the method in which you would like to validate your account and enter the required information as shown on your Cox bill.

For Validation with Account Number and Cox PIN or SSN

  1. Fill in the following fields.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • 16-digit Account Number
    • 4-digit Cox PIN (or last 4-digits of the SSN)
    • Security Challenge: Enter the letters that are in the box.
  2. Click Continue.


For Validation with Address, Phone Number and Cox PIN or SSN

  1. Fill in the following fields.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Your service street address
    • Apartment number (if applicable)
    • Your 10-digit Phone Number
    • 4-digit Cox PIN (or last 4-digits of the SSN)
    • Security Challenge: Enter the letters that are in the box.
  2. Click Continue.


If there are multiple matches for the address you entered, you will be prompted to select the correct one.


Enter the required information to create your Cox User ID and Password.

  1. In the Create your Cox User ID section, fill in the following fields.
    • User ID
    • New Password / Re-enter New Password
    • Secret Answer to your selected Secret Question / Re-enter Secret Answer
    • Preferred Email / Re-enter Preferred Email

      An incorrect or invalid email address may prevent you from being able to receive important notices, or complete the Bill Payment process online.

  2. Review the Privacy Policy, then click Submit.


Result: You have completed creating an Identity with Cox.


Now that you have created an Identity with Cox, you can review and modify your account preferences or continue to the MyConnection page.

  • If you choose to continue to the MyConnection page, you will be asked to log in with the identity that you just created.
  • If you would like to update your account preferences which include having your PIN printed on your bill, your preferred contact method, your preferred email address, and setting up authorized users, continue to the next step.

Billing Preferences

Select your desired settings for customizing your PIN and bill delivery options, then click Save Billing Preferences.


Add Contact Information

Enter your Preferred Email and select your desired settings for how you want to be contacted then click Save Contact Preferences.


Add Authorized Users

  1. Click Add User.

    Result: The Add Authorized User window displays.
  2. Fill in the required fields for the Authorized User, then click Submit.


You can now click the MyConnection link to login into My Services.

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