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Did you forget your voice mail password? How about problems with the fax machine? Going on a trip and need to manage call forwarding? Whatever your question, we make sure our digital telephone support has the answers.

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My Phone Doesn't Have a Dial Tone


Step-by-Step Help: Follow these quick steps to troubleshoot "no dial tone" problems with your phone, including intermittent dial tone and stutter tone.


Solution 1: One or More Phones is Disconnected
Reconnect one or more phones

Follow these steps to check the connection of one or more phones:

  • First, try plugging a different telephone into the jack to verify that the problem is not the telephone itself.
  • Check all of your connections to make sure that all telephones are securely plugged in..
  • If you continue to experience problems with the jack, dial 611 for assistance.
  • If you are not able to restore dial tone, use a different phone; or you may call or email your local Cox Technical Support office.

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