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Using Readable Voice Mail

Last Updated: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 > Related Articles

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Readable voice mail allows you to receive a text version or audio file in your email.


Cox Voice Mail now offers Readable Voice Mail. No need to dial home to check your messages, instead you can listen to your voice recordings, download, or view the transcribed text phone message from your email! 
To learn more about the service and begin using it, visit http://www.cox.com/voicemail. Cox voice mail is everywhere you need it to be.

  • Display transcribed text next to the playing message if Readable Voice Mail has been turned on for the Voice Mail.
  • Allow you to add multiple email addresses to receive notifications regarding voice mail.

Legal Disclaimer

To activate Readable Voice Mail, just follow these steps.

Go to the Phone Tools page at http://phonetools.cox.net.

Readable Voice Mail is not available for Cox Mobile Connect.


Sign in to Phone Tools using your primary Cox.net email address.


If you haven't already created a User ID and Password, click No Account? Register Now! and enter your account number and PIN, which are located on your bill.


Once you are signed in, click the Settings link or find the Settings tab. Click Voice Mail.


Under the Voice Mail drop-down list, click Change next to Voice Mail Notification Options.


Under Notification choose ON, then enter any email address. Repeat the email in the next field.

Note: You can add up to five email addresses to receive notifications regarding voice mail.

  • Put a check in the box next to Audio to receive the .wav file, or;
  • Put a check in the box next to Text to receive the email transcription, or;
  • Check both boxes to receive audio and email transcription.

The voice mail and text will be sent to the email address listed in Phone Tools. The phone number of the voice caller will also display in the email.

To de-activate either feature, simply uncheck the box next to it and click Submit.


What does Readable Voice Mail cost?

Readable Voice Mail is a free service for Cox Digital Telephone customers.

What requirements must be met to use Readable Voice Mail?

You must subscribe to Cox Digital Telephone and have active Cox Voice Mail service. An active Cox email account is not required.

Can I send a transcription to any email address?

Yes. The email address can be your Cox.net address or any other valid email address.

Can I send a transcription to several email addresses at once?

Yes. You can send a transcription to up to five email addresses at a time.

Can a Customer Service Representative add this service for me?

No. Only you can add Readable Voice Mail, through Phone Tools.

How accurate is the voice mail-to-text transcription?

The transcription service has a very high rate of accuracy, but if the message contains a high percentage of words that are unrecognizable to the transcription engine, the full audio file will be sent instead.

Since the transcription is done by an automated program, accuracy depends on several factors, including the caller's accent and noise levels during the message recording. Names and nouns may not translate accurately.

What languages are translated by Readable Voice Mail?

English and Spanish. Other languages will result in an error message but the voice mail will still be attached in the email notification.

Will all words from the voice mail translate, and if not, how can I tell?

In the email version, you will see three periods, called ellipses, after the last successfully-translated word if the next word or words could not be successfully translated. You may also see question marks next to words the transcription did not understand.

How do I know who called if the system incorrectly transcribes the caller's name?

You can still listen to the audio version attached to the email message, or just listen to voice mail over the phone.

How do I listen to the audio version from my email?

Just double-click the .wav file attached to the email message. It will open and begin to play.

Is the voice message available in formats other than .wav?

No. Not at this time.

If I delete the email containing the audio file, will that delete the voice mail on my phone?

No, the voice mail on your phone can only be deleted using your Cox Digital Telephone service or a cell phone. Also it is advisable to delete all audio files after listening to them since these files are large and will decrease your storage capacity.

Will profanity be transcribed in the email attachment?

Some words may be transcribed but the system filters out most profanity based on a standard list of items.

Does Readable Voice Mail have a character limit?

The voice mail message can be transcribed up to 90 seconds. You can call your voice mail number or play the .wav file to listen to the entire message.

Will I be notified if the voice mail transcription fails?

Yes. If the audio version does not convert, you may also see an error message as follows:

Unconverted Message
An unconverted message is a message that could not be converted due to the voice message being in an unsupported language or of a poor audio content.

ERROR: This person called and left you a message. To hear it, call your voice mail.

I checked the box to receive text / or audio but did not get the email. What happened?

Check your spam folder to see if the email landed there. Also add the donotreply-voicemail@coxmail.com address to your white list to prevent it from going to your spam folder.

Will automated voice mail messages be transcribed?

No. Automated recordings sent to voice mail will not be transcribed.

Can I receive the transcribed text as an SMS?

No. The transcribed version of the audio file is converted into a written word format and sent as an email.

Why are voice mails in Spanish not getting transcribed?

Voice mails left in Spanish may not get transcribed for a variety of reasons.

  1. If the message left is not clear and has too much background noise.
  2. If the message has a combination of Spanish and English words.
  3. If the message left is not spoken with a clear Mexican Spanish or Central American Spanish dialect.

    Note: The system is set to a high level of accuracy and as a result, does not understand lots of variations in accent or speech cadence. If the system cannot accurately transcribe the Spanish message, it will send only the .wav file.

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