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About the Contour App

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Learn about the features and requirements for the Cox Contour App.


The Contour app works with your Cox home network and Contour TV guide to offer you a new personalized way to watch live TV, search and watch your favorite shows via On Demand, listen to music, browse TV listings, schedule DVR recordings, receive personal recommendations, and more! 

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With the Contour App, you can:

  • Watch over 130 live channels and thousands of On Demand programs while in the home.
  • Receive personal recommendations for up to seven users, based on your TV and app viewing history - available for customers with the Contour guide only (look for the Contour from Cox logo located at the bottom left corner of your TV guide).

    Note: If you do not have the Contour guide, you can receive recommendations based on the content you view within the app.
  • Use the app as a remote using the “Watch on TV” feature which allows you to push a current program or On Demand show from your tablet to the Television - available for customers with the Contour guide only.
  • View current and upcoming shows within a seven day timeframe.
  • Set DVR recordings.
  • Search and browse TV listings.
  • Access on up to five devices at a time per primary user account.
  • Manage your personal video library and access third party mobile apps.


The Contour app offers several experiences based on the services you subscribe to with Cox. To experience the full list of features you must have: 

  • Essential, Preferred, Premier, Premier Plus, or Ultimate Internet service.
  • Cox Advanced TV or higher, and the Contour guide.
  • A  Cox primary account holder user ID and password.
  • A WiFi home network behind a DOCSIS modem, eMTA, or gateway.
  • A supported device and operating system. (See Supported Devices below.)

Supported Devices

The Contour app is currently available for use on the following devices and operating systems. 

TypeOperating SystemSupported Devices
AppleiOS 6.x or higher
  • iPad 2.0 or newer
  • Pad Mini
  • iPad Air
Android Android OS 4.2
  • Google Nexus 7 (Gen 1)
  • Google Nexus 10 (Gen 1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (8”)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7” and 10.1”)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7”, 8”, and 10.1”)

If you do not meet the above requirements, see What Features Can I Use and Where? below.

What Features Can I Use and Where?

Based on your Cox TV subscription, there are several features of the app that you can use. Here's a quick overview of the main features, the minimum service requirements to access, and what's available in home and away from home.

FeatureTV Minimum RequirementCox High Speed Internet Required?Available out of home?

Watch over 100 live TV channels


Cox TV EssentialYes.
Cox Essential
Watch Video on Demand

Cox Advanced TVYes.
Cox Essential
Schedule DVR RecordingsAny TV package with DVR service No Yes
Watch on TV
(Push a currently airing program or On Demand show from App to TV screen)
Cox Advanced TV with Contour GuideNo Yes
Receive personal recommendations based on profile within the app onlyCox Advanced TV Yes.
Cox Essential
Receive program recommendations based on Contour user and app profile viewing within the app and TVCox Advanced TV with Contour GuideYes.
Cox Essential
Browse TV ListingsCox Starter with Digital service or Contour GuideNo Yes
Manage Parental ControlsCox Advanced TV Yes. 
Cox Essential
Share Favorite Channels between app and TVCox Advanced TV with Contour Guide NoYes 
Access to Channel AppsAny TV Package with Digital service or Contour GuideNo Yes


Use the frequently asked questions to assist customers.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download. To experience all the key features of the app, you must subscribe to the Contour service; however, there are several features you can access based on your level of service with Cox. See What Features Can I Use and Where?

Will watching television via the Contour app count toward my monthly data plan?

As we work to improve upon your Cox-provided services, data usage from video accessed from the Contour app will be filtered out. Other activities, such as using the Contour guide or accessing a third party app on your device within or outside of the Contour app will count toward your monthly usage. Examples of third party apps include HBO GO or ESPN3. See Data Usage FAQs and / or information related to Speeds and Usage.

Can I use the Contour app outside of my home?

Yes; however, there are limited features that can be accessed outside of the home. Currently you cannot watch live TV channels or access On Demand programming outside of your home network. You can browse TV listings and On Demand titles, set DVR recordings, and manage profiles. For an expanded list of features you can access in and out of the home, see What Features Can I Use and Where?

Other competitor apps allow live content viewing outside of the home? Why doesn’t Contour?

The limitation is due to content rights which vary. Our programming distribution rights vary between in-home and outside the home. When you download the app, you will authenticate via the IP address of the cable modem in your home. If a request to access the app comes from outside the home, you will not be able to authenticate through your home cable modem. Other features, such as the ability to schedule DVR recordings, are available in and outside the home.

Can I connect my tablet to my TV and watch Contour app programming?

Once the app has been updated to the 1.3 version second-screen visibility is possible.

Can I purchase a PPV event or rent On Demand movies using the Contour app?

Not at this time.

Why do I need a profile?

Creating a profile for each user allows for a more personalized TV experience. With easy access to your favorite shows and program recommendations based on the shows you already enjoy - your profile is uniquely shaped to you. For customers who have the Contour guide, if you already have users set up within the guide, the app will recognize them and link the user/profile to the app.

What is My Library?

My library is just that, your library. It is a collection of all your resources. The shows you add to your Watchlist, your recently watched On Demand shows, and your related apps can be found here.


Settings FAQs

Does the Contour app offer Parental controls?

Yes. The primary user can set parental controls by rating, on a user-by-user basis, and for TV as well as movie ratings. You can set profile-level PINs to make sure your children only watch content through their own profiles. Separate settings will have to be turned on at the cable box for parental controls on the TV. 
Note: Customers who do not have the Contour guide can change or activate Parental Controls in the app that will only function within the app.

Does the “Watch on TV” feature on the app work for On Demand content?

Yes. The “Watch on TV” feature allows you to push a show you are watching on the Contour app to the TV.

How do I rename my receivers?

All profiles have the ability to rename a receiver by selecting Settings >Hardware>My receivers.

I have more than one receiver. How do I know which one is which?

To decipher receivers, make sure that you are standing in front of a receiver. Select Settings> Hardware >My Receivers. Use any of the three manage options to select a receiver. When you have chosen the corresponding receiver, the name should appear on the TV screen. Select "Rename Receiver" to assign a more specific name. Repeat this process as necessary for each receiver. 
Note: If you have TV Caller ID, make sure that your Caller ID is enabled.

How do I link the Contour app and my receiver?

Once you download the app, and sign in with your Cox Primary Account Holder User ID and Password, the app will automatically recognize your receiver and DVRs associated with your account. If you have multiple Contour receivers in the home, you have the option of selecting one as the default for the “Watch on TV” feature. If you have multiple Contour DVRs in the home, you can also select one as the default for scheduling recordings. Both of the default receiver options can be changed under Settings> Hardware.

Once signed into the Contour app, will it log me out after so many days of inactivity? If so, after how many days?

Once you have successfully signed in to the app, it will keep you logged in for a minimum of one year or until you sign out.

Once I’ve signed into the Contour app, do I still have to log in to the third party apps (e.g. Watch ESPN, HBO Go)?

Yes. If you select a third party app within the Contour app, the app will open; however, you will be prompted to sign in.

Can child accounts be used to log in the Contour app?

No. You can only use the Cox Primary Account Holder’s User ID and Password to sign into the app.

Can you turn off the back ground program in progress on the app?

No. Current functionality of the app does not allow this.

Can I turn off recommendations in the app?

Not within the app, but you can within your Contour guide on your TV.


Guide FAQs

What channels are available?

You have access to over 90 TV channels. For a list of those channels, see the Contour and Cox TV Connect Channel Lineup.

Can I view all of the channels that I subscribe to via the Contour app?

You can view over 100 live TV channels from the “on iPad” view within the app. You can also browse all program listings for the channels in your local area using the “on TV” view; however all channels from your subscription are not available to watch on your tablet.

What are recommendations?

These are programs we think you might enjoy. As you watch more content, Contour learns more about the types of shows you like and can more accurately recommend content. Personalized recommendations are based on an individual profile basis, so there is no need to worry that your family’s preferences will have to be yours too.

How do I receive recommendations?

Contour learns based on tracking your viewing habits and receiving feedback through your indications of “like” or “dislike.” If you have the Contour guide (look for the Contour from Cox logo on the bottom left of your TV guide screen) your recommendations are developed based on your profile’s individual viewing patterns on both the TV and Contour app. This is possible because your profile is stored in the cloud and is accessed by both. If you do not have the Contour guide you are able to create a profile within the app. Your recommendations are based on your viewing patterns within the Contour app. Your profile is stored on your mobile device.

Do my favorites show up in the app and on my TV guide?

Based on your user / app profile, when you select a channel to add to your favorites in the app, that channel will display in your Favorite Channels list in the Contour guide on your TV.

Can I use the app as a remote?

Yes, in two ways. You can use the “Watch on TV” button to push a program that you are currently watching on the tablet to the TV for both live TV shows and On Demand content. You can also schedule DVR recordings using the app. 

How can I see more information about a currently airing program and / or a future program?

For a show currently airing on the Contour app, tap the screen and the “info” for that program will display. For future programs, tap the program from the guide to display “info.”

Can I sort the app’s guide data?

Yes. You can sort by genre – action, animation, comedy, culture, family, horror, movies, mystery, nature, news / reality, other, romance, scifi / fantasy, and sports .

What is Watchlist?

Watchlist serves as a reminder for your favorite shows. To add something to your Watchlist, select a show and look to the bottom right corner of the play bar. Tap the “+.” Once it changes to an “x”, you will know that it has been added to your Watchlist in your library. To remove it from your Watchlist, tap the “x.”

How can I share what I am watching on Facebook?

To sign in to your Facebook account, select Settings>Profile>Sign into Facebook. Once you have signed in, your information will be saved until you manually sign out in order to make sharing easy. When you chose to share on Facebook, the program information will post to your profile.


Remote DVR Scheduler FAQs

How do I set DVR recordings using the Contour app?

You can set DVR recordings for shows in progress by tapping the screen and tapping the Record button located to the right of the play bar. For future shows, tap the program from the guide and tap record from the information screen. 

Can I watch recorded programs from my DVR on my tablet using the Contour app?

No, not at this time.

Can I use the Contour app to record and store TV programming on my tablet?

No. You can use the app to schedule DVR recordings; however, the programming will only be available via your DVR.

Can I schedule a recording for more than one DVR in my house?

Yes. You can set a default receiver in Settings>Hardware>My receivers for each Contour profile.

Can I record a series remotely?

Not at this time. In future releases, Cox will offer this feature.

Can I use the Contour app to name my DVR?

Yes. Go to Settings>Hardware>My Receivers.


Troubleshooting FAQs

Why can’t I view a channel or show?

There are several possibilities: Your profile may have restrictions for certain content. Sign in as the primary profile and select "Settings" to manage parental controls. Your Cox TV subscription may not include that channel. For information about receiving a particular channel, call 1-866-590-4229. Although a channel may be a part of your subscription, we unfortunately do not have streaming rights for every network. Select “on iPad” to see availability.

Why does the app close automatically while I am watching a program?

Close open apps to free up memory by completing the following steps: Press the Home button twice to display recently used apps. Hold your finger on an app until a red minus sign appears on each open app. Tap the red minus sign on each open app to close it.

Why is the channel not displaying the picture or audio?

Change the channel, then return to the previous channel. If that does not resolve the issue. Check the Wi-Fi signal to ensure you are in range of your home network. If the Wi-Fi signal is low, video streaming may not be supported; however, audio may still be present. If this does not resolve the issue, contact us at 1-866-590-4229.

Why is the Channel not displaying the picture; however, audio is present?

Check the Wi-Fi signal to ensure you are in range of your home network. If the Wi-Fi signal is low, video streaming may not be supported; however, audio may still be present.

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