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Telephone Modem Battery FAQs

Last Updated: Fri, 11 Dec 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn more about replacing the backup battery in your Cox Digital Telephone eMTA.


If you live in Rancho Mission Viejo, see Micronode and Telephone Modem Battery FAQs.

Your telephone service utilizes a telephone modem that may include a battery. In the event that a power outage occurs, the battery provides up to eight hours of standby service or up to four hours of talk time using a corded telephone connected directly to the telephone modems working jack. While in most cases, this battery will not need to be replaced for several years, it is recommended to check the status of your battery on a regular basis.

Refer to Important Information About The Use of Your Cox Digital Telephone Service During a Power Outage for more information.

Below are general FAQs on the telephone modem battery.

What is Cox's telephone modem battery policy?

A battery is not included with a telephone modem. Any time after their Cox Digital Telephone installation, customers have the option to purchase a battery.


  • Lifeline customers will automatically be shipped a battery at no charge after their Lifeline eligibility has been verified.
  • Customers whose Cox phone service was ordered prior to November 1st may continue to order a replacement battery free of charge.

When did this policy start? Didn't you used to provide batteries?

Effective November 1, 2013, a battery is not provided with the Cox Digital Telephone modems for new Cox Digital Telephone customers.

How do I order a battery for my telephone modem?

Contact us at 855-324-7700 or visit any Cox Retail Store to order a battery for your telephone modem.

Will there be a charge for the battery for my telephone modem?

  • For all Cox Digital Telephone services ordered on November 1, 2013 or after, there is a charge for the battery backup.
    Note: The charge is $24.99 for the battery, they are available at one of our retail locations or we can have one shipped to your residence at no charge.
  • For customer orders placed prior to November 1, 2013, the battery is free.
  • If you are a Lifeline customer, the battery will automatically be shipped to you at no charge after your Lifeline eligibility has been confirmed.
    Note:Lifeline is a government program designed to make telephone service affordable for low-income families.

How long will it take to receive the battery if ordered over the telephone?

Once you have requested your battery, you can expect to receive your battery within two to three business days.

How do I install the new battery?

Installation instructions can be found on Install Telephone Modem Battery.

How will I know that my telephone modem battery is working once I have installed it and how will I tell when it needs to be replaced?

Your telephone modem has a battery indicator light on the front of the device, which displays the status of the battery.

Telephone modem, highlighting the battery indicator light

The following table provides the status of your telephone modem battery.

Telephone Modem ModelBattery LightStatusAdditional Information
  • Arris 502
  • Arris 602:
    • 602G
    • 602R
    • 6022
    • 6024
Solid GreenNo problem
Flashing GreenBattery is bad
OffBattery is missing
  • Cisco DPQ3212
  • Cisco DPQ3925
Solid GreenBattery is charged
BlinkingBattery charge is low
OffBattery is missing;

Motorola 522:

  • 522C
  • 5220
  • 5222
Solid AmberNo problem
Flashing or BlinkingBattery not fully charged or power is off
OffBattery is discharged or not properly installed

What if I am not comfortable replacing my battery?

Please contact your Cox Customer Care representative to schedule a service appointment for battery installation at no charge.

How do I recycle the battery for my telephone?

If you order over the telephone, you will receive a preprinted FedEx label included with your new battery to use when returning the old battery, if you have one. You can also recycle your old battery at any Cox Retail Store.

What is the warranty?

The warranty period is one year.

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