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Scheduling DVR Recording using Cox TV Connect

Last Updated: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Use the steps below to schedule a DVR recording using Cox TV Connect.


Learn to schedule DVR recordings using Cox TV Connect.
The following article displays instructions for recording programs on your mobile device; however, the screenshots and instructions are reflected on the iPad version of Cox TV Connect. 

From the program guide/TV Listings, tap the show you would like to record.
The program details display with options to Watch Channel, Record,or Set a Reminder


To search for programs by date and time, tap DATE & TIME, then select the appropriate date and time. On the iPhone or iPod Touch the Date&Time feature can be found under the Display menu. 


Tap the Record button. 

highlights Record button


Result: The Record to DVR window displays. 

  1. Select the Recording Priority by tapping the default priority selection. 


 highlights Select Priority options


  1. Tap the appropriate Recording Priority as follows:


If you select....Then...
Record if Possible

Cox TV Connect will record this show only if it will not conflict with previously scheduled recordings. In order to see your previously scheduled recordings, you will need to check your DVR recordings. 

Definitely RecordCox  TV Connect will record the program and override any conflicting recordings. If this option is selected, any other conflicting recording will be canceled.  
Alert if ConflictCox TV Connect will submit the scheduling request and will successfully set up the recording of the program, unless there is a conflict. If there is a conflict, this option will allow you to cancel the recording or select another DVR if there is a conflict with the recording. If you select Cancel, the scheduling request will be canceled. If you select Change DVR, the app will provide you a list of DVRs on your account and allow you to resubmit this request to another DVR in hopes that a conflict will not take place.


  1. Tap the appropriate DVR to Record to.
  2. Tap the Schedule Recording to DVR button.

highlights Schedule Recording to DVR button

Result: The Recording Request Received window displays. 


  1. Tap Close.

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