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Did you forget your voice mail password? How about problems with the fax machine? Going on a trip and need to manage call forwarding? Whatever your question, we make sure our digital telephone support has the answers.

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Phone Features

Last Updated: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 > Related Articles

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Explore all your favorite phone features.


Cox has many easy-to-use phone features that help you get more from your Digital Telephone experience. Use this matrix to learn more about each digital telephone feature, and get step-by-step instructions.

Set Up Your VoicemailUse your home phone to set up your PIN and record a voice mail greeting.
Checking Your VoicemailLearn how to check your voice mail from your home phone, cell or other outside line, your computer, or by using a local access number.

Voicemail Local Access Numbers

You can use a Local Access Number to dial in and check your voice mail. Find your local number here.
Busy Line RedialNeed to get through at the first possible moment? Busy Line Redial notifies you when the number you are calling is free.
Call ForwardingLearn about the types of Call Forwarding and how to activate them on your  phone.
Call TraceIf you receive a harassing call, use Call Trace to log the call.
Call WaitingDid you know you can turn Call Waiting off for important calls? Learn how to use Call Waiting like a pro.
Caller ID Per Call BlockingWant to keep your name and number private when making a call? Caller ID Per Call Blocking can help keep your information secure.
Caller ID Per Line BlockingCaller ID Per Line Blocking prevents your name and number from permanently displaying. Learn how to create and disable a block.
Long Distance AlertWaiting on a call from a loved one far away? Long Distance Alert uses a distinctive ring to notify you of long distance calls.
Selective CallLearn how to use Selective Call Features.
Three Way CallingKeep everybody in the loop using Three Way Calling.
Priority RingCreate a distinctive ring to announce calls from specified numbers.
Speed CallingSpeed Calling lets you create a Top 8 list of numbers to dial with just one digit.
Call ReturnEasily dial the last number that called you.
Setting Up Reminders and Notifications in Voice MailLearn how to set up reminders and notifications using voice mail.
Anonymous Call RejectionLearn how to block callers who hide their caller ID information.

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