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Did you forget your voice mail password? How about problems with the fax machine? Going on a trip and need to manage call forwarding? Whatever your question, we make sure our digital telephone support has the answers.

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Phone Tools FAQs

Last Updated: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 > Related Articles

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View answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Cox Phone Tools.


View the following frequently asked questions about Phone Tools.

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Do I pay extra for Phone Tools?

No. Phone Tools is a free feature of Cox Digital Telephone service.

Does the Call History web page match my phone bill statement?

Because the Call History page can be accessed at any time, it may not reflect all billable calls or match your phone bill statement.

Where do I get a detailed phone bill statement?

Go to www.cox.com and under My Account click the View/Pay Bill option. Sign in with your User ID and Password. If you don't already have a User ID and Password, click the No Account? Register Now! link and enter your account number or address, and the last four-digits of your Social Security Number or Cox PIN number located on your paper bill. After you Sign In, click the Download Paper Bill link to see details. Included are account balances, which are updated within 36 hours of submitting a payment.

Call History

When is Call History updated with new calls?

Typically within 15 minutes of a call, it will be listed in Call History.

How often does Phone Tools update the list of calls in the Call History section?

In less than 15 minutes, your call activity will be listed on your Call History page.

Why does the Call History log list the name of some outbound calls as either unavailable or blank?

These calls go through successfully, but the call log cannot list a name associated with a 7-digit outbound call. Only 10-digit calls list the name being called.

Why does Call History list the Name of some inbound call as either unavailable, unknown, or blank?

The caller has Caller ID Block turned on for their phone.

Why does Call History turn OFF sometimes?

After 90 days of inactivity, we stop displaying the list of calls for security purposes. You can always reactivate by using the feature. However, any calls received between day 90 and the day you reactivate, will be lost.

Phone Settings

What good is My Numbers?

It makes Call Forwarding extra easy. Enter up to 10 phone numbers in My Numbers -- numbers to which you are likely to forward your home phone, such as your work number, mobile phone, spouse or family number, group mailboxes, and additional home phone lines. Then click the Call Forwarding option. All of those numbers you entered will pop up as "Forward To" numbers you can simply "click" to select rather than enter manually each time.

Does Caller ID Block hide my phone number too?

Yes. Neither your name or phone number will show on the Caller ID display of other peoples' phones.

How do I verify the calling activity on my phone account?

Call History provides an online view of phone call activity from three different tabs, All Calls, Incoming Calls, and Outgoing Calls, for a selected duration. Each list includes the following details, depending on the selected tab:

  • Date / Time
  • To / From Number
  • Name of the calling party
  • Additional info, such as, call forwarded and missed call

Can Phone Tools retrieve a deleted message?

No. Once the user click Delete for a voice mail, the message is deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Voice Mail

How do I rewind a voice message?

Position the mouse cursor onto the left side of the slider bar on the media player and then left click. The voice message rewinds to the point where you left-clicked.

Why can't I leave a voice message on my home phone?

You may have Call Forwarding or Call Waiting turned ON, which prevent callers from leaving a message. Or the Voice Mail ON/OFF setting is in the OFF position.

Go to Phone Tools at http://phonetools.cox.net, sign in, and then click the Settings tab. Click the Call Forwarding feature. Make sure all options are in the OFF position and click Submit. Then click the Call Waiting feature. Make sure it is in the OFF position and click Submit. Finally, click Voice Mail. Click the Voice Mail ON/OFF feature. Make sure it is in the ON position and click Submit.

Can Phone Tools retrieve a deleted voice mail message?

No. Once the Delete button is clicked, the message is deleted and cannot be retrieved.

How do I fix the audio? I can't hear the voice messages?

Make sure your speakers are turned ON. Also, the audio player has a volume slider to the right -- click and drag the slider to maximize the audio volume.

How many voice messages are accessible from Phone Tools?

Phone Tools shows all voice messages currently in the telephone voice mail box, regardless of when they were received. The maximum number of voice messages in Phone Tools is determined by the subscriber's voice mail account, not Phone Tools. They may not all appear on the first page, but additional pages are accessible. A typical limit for residential subscribers is 30 messages.

I forgot my Voice Mail PIN. What should I do?

Make a new one in Phone Tools. Go to Phone Tools at http://phonetools.cox.net, sign in. If you forgot your login, click Forgot User ID / Password? and follow the prompts. Once signed in, click the Settings tab. Click Voice Mail. Next to Voice Mail PIN, click Change. Enter a new PIN number. It can be from four to eight digits long. Re-enter it to confirm. Then click Submit. Use this new PIN to retrieve voice mails from your home phone.

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