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Navigating and Using the Contour App

Last Updated: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn about how to access and use some of the main features of the Contour app.


To access all the features of the Contour app, you must subscribe to Cox Advanced TV, have the Contour guide, and Cox Preferred Internet service. If you do not subscribe to these services, you can still use the app; however, all features will not be available. See What Features Can I Use and Where? for more information.

Use this article as a guide for using the features available with the Contour App. In this article you will find information and / or links to videos about:

Launch the Contour app Overview to view a video about the Contour app.

Accessing the Contour App

Open the Contour app on your Android tablet or iPad and sign in with your Cox Primary Account Holder User ID and Password. If you need to register your account, or forgot your User ID or Password, see Account Registration and Preferences.  

Once you successfully sign in, the app will automatically recognize the following.

  • Video equipment on your account.
  • Users / profiles that have already been established via the Contour guide.
  • Favorite channels that have already been established via the Contour guide.
  • Third party channel apps available to you.

Getting Started with the App

The Contour app works along with your Cox home network and Contour TV guide to offer you a new personalized way to watch live TV, search and watch your favorite shows via On Demand, listen to music, browse TV listings, schedule DVR recordings, receive personal recommendations, and more! See Getting Started with the Contour App video.


From the Settings menu, you can manage profile and hardware settings.


Setting up a profile for each user allows for a more personalized TV experience. With easy access to your favorite shows and program recommendations based on the shows you already enjoy - your profile is uniquely shaped to you. For customers who have the Contour guide, if you already have users set up within the guide, the app will recognize them and link the user / profile to the app.

With a profile you can:

  • Receive customized recommendations.
  • Set up a pin for your profile.
  • Set Parental Controls from the main profile or primary account holder, for other user profiles.
  • Share what you are watching on Facebook.
  • Manage your library.
  • Set Favorites, which display under Live from the main menu.
  • Set reminders by adding shows to your Watchlist.

See How to Manage Profiles on the Contour App


Contour learns based on tracking your viewing habits and receiving feedback through your indications of like or dislike. If you have the Contour Guide. Look for the Contour from Cox logo on the bottom left of your TV guide screen. Your recommendations are developed based on your profile’s individual viewing patterns on both the TV and Contour App. This is possible because your profile is stored in the cloud and is accessed by both. If you do not have the Contour Guide you are still able to create a profile within the app. Your recommendations are based off your viewing patterns within the Contour App.

Setting Parental Controls

To set Parental Controls, you will need to be in the primary profile. Choose the profile you would like to restrict and use the sliders to block content based on TV and movie ratings. Additionally, you will need to add a pin to each profile, located under the Other Profiles menu, to ensure that those with fewer restrictions can not access blocked content via another user profile.


You can manage your Favorite channels under the Settings>Profile>Favorites menu. Based on your user / app profile, when you select a channel to add to your favorites in the app, that channel will display in your Favorite Channels list in the Contour guide on your TV. Favorites added in the app will display as thumbnails under the Live menu on the app.

Using the Guide

The guide within the app displays up to seven days of TV listings. The following table identifies the guide options for viewing.

Guide FeatureDetails
On TabletThe On Tablet view offers live TV channels that you can watch from your tablet within your Cox home network. These channels are based on your subscription and what is available via the app.

Note: Many channels from your Cox subscription will be accessible on your tablet; however, not all. You can schedule recordings for shows that you cannot access by using the On TV view.
On TVThe On TV view provides TV Listings for all channels that you subscribe to. You can use this view to see what's on all channels and schedule recordings remotely.
HDThe HD view list live HD channels available for viewing on your tablet.
GenreGenre allows you to filter programs by action, animation, comedy, culture, drama, family, horror, movies, mystery, nature, news / reality, other, romance, scifi / fantasy, and sport.
Live AppsThe Live Apps view lists network apps that you can access live streaming content from. The apps that display here are from your subscription and are apps that offer live viewing of content. You will need to log in or register using your Cox User ID and Password.

Live TV and On Demand

Once you are signed into the app and within your profile, you can view live streaming content and On Demand content from your home. A live program will run in the background of the app at all times unless you are accessing On Demand content. To simply watch the program in full view, tap the screen.


To receive more information about a program, tap the screen and "info" will display about the program such as the genre, actors, directors, producers, and more.


Watchlist serves as a reminder for your favorite shows and On Demand content. To add something to your Watchlist, select a show and look to the bottom right corner of the play bar and tap the plus (+). Once it changes to an X, you will know that it has been added to your Watchlist in your library. To remove it from your Watchlist, tap the X.

Watch on TV

You can use the “Watch on TV” button to push a program that you are currently watching on your tablet to the TV for both live TV shows and On Demand content. See Manage Hardware Settings to change the default receiver to Watch TV.

My Library

My library is just that, your library. It is a collection of all your resources. The shows you add to your Watchlist, your recently watched On Demand shows, and your related apps can be found here.

Schedule DVR Recordings

You can set DVR recordings for shows in progress by tapping the screen and tapping the Record button located to the right of the play bar. For future shows, tap the program from the guide and tap record from the information screen. See How to Manage Hardware Settings on Contour App video to change the default receiver to record to.

Helpful Shortcuts and Gestures

For tips on how to navigate the Contour app, see the How to Navigate on the Contour app video.

The following is a list of gestures you can do to perform certain tasks within the app.

If you want to...Then...
open related contentSlide panels
view more related contentTap titles
return to the main menuTap the Contour logo
change channelsSwipe on finger vertically:
display showlistSwipe two fingers vertically
display channel timelineSwipe two fingers horizontally
activate channel quick scrollTap to the left of guide
activate time quick-scrollTap timeline above guide

Also see How to quick scroll on the Contour app.

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