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Did you forget your voice mail password? How about problems with the fax machine? Going on a trip and need to manage call forwarding? Whatever your question, we make sure our digital telephone support has the answers.

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Using Call Trace

Last Updated: Tue, 01 Nov 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to use *57 to trace harassing phone calls.


Call trace allows you to dial a simple code to trace the phone number of a call that was received. This service is used to trace harassing calls.


Using Call Trace

  1. After the call arrives:
    • If you have hung up, pick up the handset and listen for the dial tone.
    • If you have not hung up, quickly release the disconnect button, and listen for a special dial tone.
      Note: Some phones have a Link or Flash key that you can press instead of the disconnect button.
  2. Press *57. On a rotary phone dial 1157.
  3. Listen for a confirmation announcement telling you the last call has been traced.
    Note: In some areas, after you press *57, you'll hear an announcement that the call can be traced. Follow the voice instructions to dial an additional code, and the call will be traced. Call Trace can identify the source of a harassing or abusive call for use in a court of law.
  4. Hang up from the call.
    Note: Customer Originated Trace must be used immediately after you disconnect from the call you want traced. If you get another call, or hear a Call Waiting tone first, you will trace the wrong call.

Obtaining Call Records

All Cox Digital Telephone customers can use the Phone Tools features to set up the capture of calls you make and receive, excluding private or unlisted numbers. The Phone Tools are available through your accounts on www.cox.com

If you need records of outgoing calls made before establishing your Phone Tools record, you can obtain them for a charge by presenting a picture ID and completing a release at a Cox Front Counter office. Records will be mailed to the address on your statement in two to three weeks. Cox maintains call records for 18 months (36 months in California and Virginia).

Other than through Phone Tools, records of incoming calls are not available to customers because they may include private or unlisted number information. Law enforcement can obtain these records for investigation of harassing or annoyance calls.

The number you traced will be recorded by Cox personnel. If you decide to follow-up on the matter, you must contact a law enforcement agency and we will provide that number directly to them. We cannot provide the traced number directly to the Cox Digital Telephone customer.


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