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Did you forget your voice mail password? How about problems with the fax machine? Going on a trip and need to manage call forwarding? Whatever your question, we make sure our digital telephone support has the answers.

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Using Three-Way Calling

Last Updated: Thu, 06 Oct 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to add a third person to the line when you are on a call.


Whether you received or made the initial call, you can use Three-Way Calling to add a third person to your call at any time.

Adding a Third Person to the Call

  1. Press and quickly release the switchhook to place the first person on hold.
  2. Listen for the dial tone.

    Note: If operating on a per use basis, press *71, otherwise proceed directly to step 3.
  3. Dial the third person's phone number.
  4. To make the three-way connection, press and quickly release the switchhook.

    Result: You can now talk with both people at the same time.

The switchhook is the button the handset pushes down when you hang up the phone. Some telephones have a Link or Flash key you can press instead.

Canceling a Three-Way Connection

  • If the third person did not answer or you wish to disconnect from them, press and quickly release the switchhook. You are then able to reconnect to the person holding.
  • If either of the two people hang up, you can continue talking with the remaining person.

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