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Cox Browser Alert Due to Possible Virus Infection

Last Updated: Wed, 05 Oct 2016 > Related Articles

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As part of our ongoing Customer Safety program, Cox Communications employs many active security measures in order to protect its customers from increasing threats on the Internet. A Cox browser alert is one of these methods used to alert customers of a possible virus on their computer.


The device that received the Cox browser alert may not be the infected device. Cox recommends that you check all devices connected to your Cox High Speed Internet service.

If you received a Cox browser alert informing you of a possible virus on one or more computers, Cox recommends several actions. First, check to make sure you have installed Cox Security Suite Plus to help keep your computers protected from online threats. Cox Security Suite Plus is offered at no additional charge to Cox High Speed Internet customers. Refer to Cox Security Suite Plus Powered by McAfee® for more information.

Additional Software

Because no single security software is 100% effective, Cox Customer Safety recommends that you run additional software tools in addition to Cox Security Suite Plus. There are many anti-virus programs on the market, both free and for purchase. The following are a few examples of additional software that can remove infections.

While these programs may be helpful to you, Cox provides support only for Cox Security Suite Plus and does not provide support for these programs.

  • Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - This tool has been developed by Microsoft to find and remove the most common viruses and Trojans used by hackers.
  • Malwarebytes - This tool is an anti-malware program that detects and removes malicious software.
  • Norton Power Eraser - This tool is useful if your computer has become a victim of crimeware that regular virus scans cannot detect.

Additional Resources

To learn more about Internet Security and ways to protect yourself while online, you can review our other online safety articles.

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