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Adjusting the Volume for the Cox Homelife Zone Tones

Last Updated: Tue, 08 Sep 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn how to adjust the volume for your zone tones on the Homelife touchscreen.


Follow these steps to adjust the volume for the Cox Homelife touchscreen tones. The touchscreen will make a tone when a security zone is opened or closed. To set the tone for a specific zone see Configuring the Cox Homelife Sound Settings.


On the touchscreen home screen, tap Settings.


Enter the Master Code to proceed to the Settings menu.

From the Settings menu, tap TouchScreen.

highlights TouchScreen option
From the TouchScreen menu, tap Sound Configuration.

highlights Sound Configuration option

From the Sound Configuration menu, tap Volume Configuration.
highlights Volume Configuration option
Result: A window displays with volume controls.


Use the left arrow to decrease the volume, use the right arrow to increase the volume.

highlights Settings page
Note: The maximum volume is 7, the minimum is 1.

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